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Thread: Wow some people are truly disgusting.....

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    Thumbs down Wow some people are truly disgusting.....

    People deleting me off psn again for no reason or for mean reasons.
    Not the first time it's happened either.

    Just can't rely on anyone on there anymore.

    Been deleted for many reasons:
    Because I wasn't gaming EVERY SINGLE DAY, some prople are sad,selfish and very impatient.

    Because of how I look:
    Been told after I accepted the stupid real name request thing on ps4.
    That I was an emo fag and I should go kill myself. And ALOT ALOT worse...Including racism and death threats,and really really nasty stuff telling me to die of cancer and worse,I've had before.

    Because I didn't do so well in a game on a bad day.
    I get called all the names under the sun.

    I don't grief report people on PS4 anymore as last time I got suspended for apprently abusing the grief reporting system.
    Pathetic ,people can be really horrible to me and get away with it.

    So even set my messaging to NO ONE. In my private settings on ps4.
    Still getting abuse through group messages even AFTER blocking the scumbags.

    In the past I been trolled for being ABDL and alternative looking on ps4 community groups.
    And if I report it, no doubt I'll bet suspended again for so called abusing the grief reporting messaging.
    Had 3 suspensions already(last one was a month long) on my main account.
    Ok I used to swear back at trolls who must have reported me like cowards...

    Sorry if I'm ranting but getting quite sick of horrible people on psn(ps4).

    I may switch to xbox one eventually if the community is any nicer and not flawed how I can't block people from getting round the block on group mesaging.

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    I delete people off steam if i haven't played with them for a while and I did not have a great time playing with them when i did. usually a period of about 9 months or so.
    I do not send them a message explaining why first either.

    I cant speak for the PSN community, but I know that I have not had issues of people spouting hate speech my way in steam. the only thing i can think of is the maturity of the users, im not sure why steam users might be more mature. I mean SOME of them have to use PSN as well right? maybe they just save all their rancor for PSN

    sometimes reacting to those pestering you as opposed to blocking them to begin with can tempt them and antagonize them to going that extra length to try and get under your skin. back in july ADISC had a few repeat episodes of someone doing just that. making a new screen name, registering, and filling the forums with hate.

    I play Dota, and I know that it can get pretty intense if your having an off game, but for the most part i think of steam as pretty laid back. glad I dont pay to be insulted with PSN i guess.

    if you have steam feel free to shoot me a message and i'll add you no problem, otherwise i hope you can find a safe refuge to unwind with some games

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    I haven't bothered with online gaming for years, but generally speaking, people act like that online because there are no meaningful consequences for their actions. It's certainly not an accident that you typically don't see people going around in the real world and spewing such vitriol to other peoples' faces. Researchers have actually documented this (the Online Disinhibition Effect).

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    Just had a homophobic moron on tumblr insult me for no reason,then cowardly blocked me before I could reply.

    Whats worse he was abdl and also into blackops3 zombies.

    Messaged him first saying we should play blackops3 zombies sometime together.

    Hadn't got a reply at all, so gave up.

    Then saw I had notifications on my pic comments from him today.

    He called me an emo fag and to go kill myself.

    Then he said he doesn't add abdl's to his psn. Especially not emo losers like me.

    Then gives me a death threat with a ton of swear words which I won't repeat on here....

    How nice of him....

    Then I find that he's blocked me before I could say WTF.

    He's called tbdljoshy aka mommysprince15 on tumblr.

    Maybe the potty mouthed internet warrior didn't like when I commented saying he should put something on top of his diaper or wear size small.
    When he kept saying his awful cloth backed tenas kept falling completely down when soaked.

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    He sounds mentally ill. You're lucky to be rid of him.

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    These are just people who send you messages during a game...? Can't you just ignore them? Or turn it into a game where you compete for the most outrageous/funny/creative put-downs?

    I mean... if I played a game of online poker, and one of the players said, "I hope anyone with the Ace of Hearts gets cancer"... I think I'd just laugh at how ridiculous he was being. Surely you can't take these people seriously?

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    I usually only have a few friends on Steam and Xbox mainly because I like to devote my time to a few people, also it's kinda OCD for me to clean house. Most of my friends are people I actually know IRL but don't play with and I have like one internet friend.

    I use to get mad if some one would put bad rep on my profile on xbox for no reason, and I mean really no reason I did't even talk to this person, but I just stopped caring because most would avoid me because I was actually really good and they didn't want to get into the same lobby as me. lol

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    You know you could just start your own group from here .
    We are very understanding here more so then those in public sites.
    It doesn't matter if your pink or green yellow or red.
    What matter's most is you are a person.
    Rule 1 you have to be nice.
    The best to your gaming group.
    I mostly play little games skylanders stuff not into the more realistic ones .
    I cut my baby teeth on pac-man stuff like that .

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