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Thread: Hi Everyone

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    Red face Hi Everyone

    Hello, I am "Baby Waby"
    I am here to find support and make new friends!
    I am into AB/DL, Kitten play and I make youtube videos that are super embarrassing to me.
    I am here to make friends and to deal with the things going on in my life around my regression and diapers.
    Thank you so much for having me!

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    Hi Baby Waby!

    I am new here too! Welcome!


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    Hello there and welcome, so what's your hobbies and interest?
    Nice to meet you.


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    Nice to meet you and I hope your having alot of fun with your new life. For me it's an adventure every day and I love it

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    If you have any questions please feel free to ask I have tried nearly every diaper on the market and some are like wow and other are just bla but if you would like I can give you my opinion on whatever diapers you may be thinking about buying in the future and keep in mind I don't discredit any company like right now I'm wearing a princess pink diaper from abu yes I'm a guy and very much strait but I like to try them all and would be more than will to let you know about any diaper as long as it's one I have had before

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    Nice to meet you! I am new and looking for friends that have this interest also

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    Look no further you have found the right place babyfacemike what would you like to talk about my friend

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    Dotty the Pony? I'm getting free samples for some work I did. I am super excited! what are they like?

    Also any tips for wearing walmart diapers that's my main source right now

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    Hello I am new here too hehe welcome!!

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    Hey whats up. I have had desires that come on and off since I was 11. I ordered more bambino's and am looking forward to wearing them once they ship. I feel like I accepted myself because I know the urges will constantly keep coming and there are a ton of people out there like me. I feel happy letting these feelings out

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sorry I thought I could PM but I can't as of yet

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