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Thread: How can I make a functional diaper?

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    Default How can I make a functional diaper?

    I'm out of diapers and it's hard for me to get them and worry about hiding them as I live with someone. Is there a way I can make one with a plastic bag and some maxi pads or something? I don't have any tape. I just wanted to wear one around the house today. Thanks!

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    Why not buy some drynites/goodnites if they fit you?

    Can always add boosters to them such as a pampers size 6 with pinholes.

    BOTH are cheap to buy.

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    you can always make your own cloth diaper and research different types and see witch ones you like best

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    I love drynights but not practical trough out the day

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    Got any decent-sized safety pins? By far the simplest thing would be to just fold up a towel or a flannel bed sheet and pin it on like a traditional cloth diaper. Or use a stack of tee shirts, arms in back for the wings. If you want to actually wet it, a plastic garbage bag could be secured over it, however that would be easiest to do with tape, which you said you don't have.

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    Bath towel and black plastic bag and gaffa/duct tape isn't too bad.

    Remember to soak the bath towel in water after. So it won't smell of pee.

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    I don't find homemade nearly as good as "the real thing"

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    if you can get maxi pads you'd do better with what you can buy in stores, trash bag diapers leak, baddly.

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    If you want to make a reusable diaper then Try buying some white round necked sweatshirts or t-shirts then try stitching them together from the waist next place into that a towl or something similar to that and then stich the arm holes up to make the wings and attach some-sort of plastic bag perhaps useing the packages the t-shirts or vests came in or you can find a towling diapers as an insert.

    If your looking to buy stuff to make a disposable diaper then try using a xl plastic bag some xl-xxl baby diapers as an insert some masking tape and a load of cotton wool for the inside and there you have it.

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    Thanks guys. I made one with a plastic bag and maxi pads as inserts. It actually worked out well. Held two full wettings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalicoSky View Post
    Thanks guys. I made one with a plastic bag and maxi pads as inserts. It actually worked out well. Held two full wettings.
    Hey, great! Maxi pads aren't far off from diapers, so we'll call this a mod instead of a makeshift.

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