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Thread: Xbox360 Live matchs

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    Default Xbox360 Live matchs

    So woulds anyone be interested in joining me for a Halo 3 of L4D team match against stuff.

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    Stay with the group, don't shoot me, light the tank and run like hell, and I'll be happy to play Left 4 Dead with anyone on 360. Still trying to get Death Toll and Blood Harvest on expert.

    Gamertag: Makosis
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    Maybe, maybe not. If someone would like me to play, then be prepared for a quiet/shy person, who doesn't like to play online that much

    I'm Pojocow

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    We need to get a ADISC Xbox Live meetup going or something that would be tight! Ima PM you mine for secret reasons >_ >

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    I would but my xbox is dead. I'll be getting it fixed in the next month or so, so anyone that wants to add me can PM me and I'll add you using .

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    i play Halo 3 and L4D online regularly.
    ... go figure

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    wish i had it for steam and to you other peoples, feel free to add me (and send me game requests) this weekend!!!

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    I'm down. The new map pack is out for Halo 3, so I would like to do some experimenting in Forge. I also play Call of Duty 4 / WaW.

    Gamer Tag: BRs Smidal

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