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  • Should I carry on wearing until I run out and not have any diapers for 2 weeks

    7 28.00%
  • Should I wear one everyday and try not to use it

    18 72.00%
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Thread: Should I?

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    Default Should I?

    My money is not coming in for a while for about least 2 weeks if not a month so I am going to find a part time job to help me get more money. I have been thinking I could either carry on wearing until I run out and that's it for a few days or I could save some for night because I honestly don't know if I bed wet or not. Should I risk the first option

    So should I?

    A: carry on wearing and not having any left for at least 2 weeks?
    B: wear one everyday but not use it?

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    If you have the ability to not use, do that. For me, running out of diapers is not an option. Messes would ensue quickly

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    I'd save for night...especially if an accident may happen..

    Also, try to local goodwill or alike...might have some at only a couple bucks...

    Take it easy!

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    I would wear at night and try not to wear during the day.

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    Save it gor the night incase you wet the bed!

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    What if you were to get hit by a bus before you had a chance to enjoy them all?

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    Don't wear all the time then....

    I got plenty spare, if you were near me, I might give you a few..... XD

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    I chose B, but I usually just wear at night so my views are slanted. I also think you'll feel better knowing you have diapers. Once the diapers are gone you could experience some sort of psychological discomfort. Sometimes I have trouble finding on line, the plastic pants I wear in bed and I get sort of tense, hoping what I have will last until they come back on the market.

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    I have decided to wear one in the day but don't use until I go to bed, although I have accidnetly wet a few already, oops!

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