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    Default Update Situation.

    I dropped out of the course, and didn't get charged for it, was a huge diploma mill and scam.

    Long story short, my mother has become a financial abuser, she doesn't realize it, she opens my mail, and than uses shit against me It's driving me mental.

    What she doesn't seem to understand is a lot of the problems that she has caused, is her fault, not mine, she has pushed me into situations I shouldn't of even had to be in, in the first place.

    She doesn't seem to understand that her financial abuse is literally driving me to suicide and I personally plan to do it very soon.

    I wouldn't be in debt in the first place, if she hadn't of fucked me around day one, my sister joins in and seems to make it out to be my fault.

    I said to my mother that, It would be better off If i didn't do the tafe course as it was going to cost me $1400, and she is like, nah I'll pay that off, so I went ahead and did the course. simple enough. wrong.

    She never pays it, makes out that it's my fault, fucking great, so than I have to switch over to job seeker, I constantly get fucked over by there useless staff members, can't do shit would of got a 6 months suspension for missing activities I called in for, apparently being sick isn't a valid excuse yeah I'm totally going to ask for a medical certificate a day after it goes away, the stupid idoits. (not everyone goes to the doctor for simple illnesses, I don't have Ebola for crying out loud)

    So my only option was this college, I liked it at first, seemed okay, later on I realized how shitty it was, there only nice to you once your in, they don't give two shits after, half the people there who are teaching have diplomas, lie to you, and they have pretty bad spelling, I'm the only one doing the course too.

    It doesn't feel like a diploma level, It's easier than the stuff I did at tafe, I literally have to fill in the fucking blanks.

    So I dropped out, as I didn't want to occur a 27k debt, because I did it within the census date I don't have to pay it.

    Than she has a fucking go at me, thinking I'm full of shit, threatening to kick me out saying I can't live here without a payment, the usual shit she has been doing, honestly It's either be homeless or dead, and honestly the second option seems right now much more pleasant. worse is she is telling me I'm not going to get anywhere in life, yadda yadda yadda. The thing that does my head in most is the people who bully the shit out of me, seem to be living the life, while I'm fucking miserable dealing with this nonsense, that isn't even a problem, she is just making it out to be and it is driving me mental.

    It's been doing my head in a lot, and worse is my dad verbally abuses me, and uses him against me too, they don't ever listen, and threaten to kick me out for pretty much any fucking reason, Even if it's as simple as having a go at her for the financial abuse. or walking mud though the drive way (which mind you is fucking impossible not to, as I live in the back and there is fucking dirt everywhere) so It's impossible not to walk mud though the drive way, as there is no grass the idoits.

    She has been doing this day one, It's either go to tafe, or be homeless, so I'm in debt, because of her mind fuck. It's not that easy to get a job here, and I've been looking for months, people would rather hire a 16 year old as it's fucking cheaper.

    Argh, this is doing my head in. so long story short, she doesn't give two fucks if I have a 27k debt hanging over my head, as long as she gets her money, now personally that is fucking with me right now. she even gets other people to fucking agree with her, and justify her actions.

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    Hello there.... I would seriously make an appointment with with my GP if I was you and talk about how I'm having suicidal thoughts.

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    Hey there, DrunkBear -

    Hmmm. I can definitely understand how somebody who's had these sorts of difficulties with his or her own mother would be a bit guarded about things. But I fear that you're on the path to a double Ph.D. in doubting things and talking yourself out of doing things, and those are two kinds of expertise you really don't want. Uni is not a scam, and certainly not a fill-in-the-blanks exercise. I can't imagine how you'd have reached that conclusion so quickly, so I'm inclined to think that that's your inner pessimist speaking to the part of yourself that simply doesn't want to bother with school. If you hearken too often to that inner pessimist, though, you'll just keep circling the drain. The only way you're going to break out of that pattern is to point to someplace that isn't where you are and head in that direction for a while--certainly more than a couple of weeks, or even a couple of months. In the last few weeks, though, you've committed and uncommitted to several different courses of education, and that's the real evil here, I think.

    Time to give those cold feet a bit fat 'fuck you', whatever that takes, and plow forward.

    EDIT: Rereading this, I'm thinking I might be crossing a couple of your posts. Looks like your post about pressing forward with a different school came after this one, so...pardon the confusion!
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    I can kind of relate to you, except the fact that I did become homeless for two years. I know what it's like to have bad credit, no car, no family support (because they live so far apart all over the country). There's options out there that can help you to get on your feet. It will lead you to a more independent lifestyle.

    You can get your CDL, and become a cross country truck driver. There's no real immediate or no cost to do this. All you need to know is the avenues that are open, are always readily available. If you'd like information on how to start, reply to this and u can guide you in a path that can provide some sort of light for you.

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    I don't much know about your problems but i just wanted to say hopefully your school will be fine next days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AEther View Post
    I don't much know about your problems but i just wanted to say hopefully your school will be fine next days.

    Yeah school will be fine :P I'm doing uni.
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