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    What if a bunch of us got together and bought a ghost town, (or an empty holiday park, or an abandoned army base, or just a farm with lots of barns that could be converted into accommodation) and turned it into a community for ABs, DLs, Is, and friends? There would be a shop, changing rooms, and a day care center. We could grow our own food, generate our own power, and host AB/DL/I visitors and events. Now I'm not suggesting some free-love/nightly-orgy/swingers commune, no, I'm thinking of a family friendly place where people live normal lives except you're free to wear diapers and age play openly without fear of judgment or ridicule.
    Just an idea, let me know your thoughts.

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    This has been discussed several times here.

    The idea is interesting but has a number of problems.

    I think the major problem is cost. To be able to offer a wide assortment of activities (playgrounds, restaurants, movie theaters, etc.) and the proper accommodations, the cost to run the place would be high. This means you either need a price-per-night to be too high for most people to afford or you need to get a lot of people using the accommodations. I don't think either is a realistic possibility.

    I would be happy to see this become a reality but I don't think it has much of a chance.

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    I agree, visitors would not bring in enough money, it would only work if the permanent residents could earn money somehow

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    Actually, I think it's mostly a maintenance problem. Even if you found an eccentric billionaire to set the place up, how many of us are going to travel to it regularly and hang out there at any given time? 10, maybe? 20? I think you'd be hard pressed to get more than 100 considering how spread out ABDLs are and the fact that our total population is only a few hundred thousand people total (at least active on the Internet, and that's a rough estimate). So, it would mostly be a ghost town, and kind of lonely and not that fun, since such places really need lots of people present and taking advantage of the activities to make them lively.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArchieRoni View Post
    eccentric billionaire to set the place up, how many of us are going to travel to it regularly and hang out there at any given time? 10, maybe? 20?
    If you build it they will come. As fantasy as this is it reminds me of "Field of Dreams"

    I'm from Canada and believe if something like this was created in Ohio or eastern state being 12-16 hour drive for me. I would make the trip once a year. In a 500km radius from New York and other city's. Just like burning man people will show up.

    I think it would be easier to lease a warehouse that has a ABDL business on the side - Order diapers in bulk from china and hire clothing manufactures that make children clothes in bulk to make same designs in adult sizes. We don't need 5000 same pattern onesies in size large for an extremely low cost but a warehouse could slowly pay for itself if there is somewhere to store them all till they are sold slowly. Then build a big play area, daycare for adults to house 20-30 people inside the warehouse with once a month events. Flat $50 overnight charge and try to make a profit off the store inside the warehouse.

    Of course we have to look at zoning laws and make sure the warehouse is setup for both Industrial and Commercial to avoid any legal issues.

    I figured running a ABDL business might bring in some revenue as there is not really anyone selling a fashion line of adult baby/toddler clothing that isn't custom made.

    I was actually planning on doing this once but as its a private life would be hard to explain to family and friends what my part time business was or where I went hours of the day every day. They might actually think i was a drug dealers LMAO

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    if this comes into real life then we can all put our part to build it im sure some people are in the trades and obviously we have shops. and other stuff and a abdl company might relocate to the little town. your idea sounds plausible

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    To me, the adult daycare would be the most interesting part

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    It's a neat idea to talk about. I think the most enticing thing for me would be the potential for living there permanently with a close knit community who understands and accepts eccentricities. Plus growing some of your own food is a neat idea.

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    From people's comments here and another website I can see two ways this might work (assuming we could raise the money to get started):

    An inner-city apartment with its own ABDL communal areas.
    Pro: Residents can have normal jobs in the city and contribute to the building's upkeep.
    Con: Close to authorities, media, and other interfering busy bodies.

    A farm in a quiet corner of the countryside that is self sufficient for food, water, and power.
    Pro: Outdoor lifestyle well away from prying eyes.
    Con: Lots of hard work.

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    You had me until you ruled out nightly orgies, love fests and I suppose drugs, bondage and torture are out too?

    All kidding aside, when I was growing up in New Jersey, there were the remains of a commune in Jackson Township, and a number of cinder block houses that at one time, maybe in the '30s, was an art commune. A number of intelligent and talented people thought they could make a go of it, but for whatever reasons, it failed. It's always a nice idea but people, even those with common interests, are human and unique. Their differences from each other become apparent when they start living together.

    Members of the community would have to have access to jobs that can support them in a style they would want, and locating at one location, unless it's a large city, makes that difficult. I'm sure if there was an adult baby, diaper lover community, it would interest the press and individuals living there would have their identities revealed in the news media.

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