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    Hello, All!

    I am now over one month in diapers 24/7 (for the most part). I have been wearing diapers consistently now for 34 days, with the exception of "BM" and 2 days I was in Lousiana. I have noticed that I am a completely different person.

    As a matter of fact when we returned from Lousiana I did not immediately put on a diaper, I waited until the following evening. You see I wasn't going to put another one (I had already purged for 3 weeks prior to our trip and didn't feel the need to continue). We came home on Labor Day and it was a long drive. I had an assignment to complete, so as soon as we got home, I hit Dreamweaver and started working.

    The next morning and afternoon were fairly went to school\daycare, wife went to work and so did I. That evening, when we were all home; my wife and I were talking and she made a point to note that I was being my "normal old self" and "object to everything". (I can be fairly anxious around people in social gatherings, which makes me avoid them sometimes). The interesting part of all of this is that when I am wearing a diaper, my social anxiety just about dissolves into nothing. I was upset with her comment and said to myself, "fine, I'll go back into a diaper - we'll see how you like that" I did. The rest of the evening was fine, no arguing, no fighting, just a peaceful evening at home.

    Today makes 34 days and 84 diapers. I bought 2 cases of Abena Abri-Form Premiums M4 and I still have 28 or so more to go.

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    Sounds like you're feeling better about it, that's great! As I've seen mentioned here many times, do what makes you feel the best (as long as it doesn't interfere with your family or professional life, of course). I would get to ordering some more diapers soon though, as at that rate you'll run out in a week or so

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    Wow you sure make a diaper/nappie last you. I've been 27/4 for 11 days now and go through about 7 diapers/nappies a day, although I drink loads because I like being wet so and I'm wanting to get used to to urinating and messing simulation in all positions.

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