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Thread: OMG! I totally wet my bed

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    Default OMG! I totally wet my bed

    Last night I was lazy, I wore a daytime leakmaster pull up. and plastic pants. I woke up at 3ish this morning and discovered that I saturated my diaper, my nightgown and the sheet down to my thigh! I usually wear a cloth contour diaper and an insert under my plastic pants and I have had good results but I will never make that mistake again

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    All the highest absorbency diapers in the world are useless unless worn, kinda like the old days of being a cop , many died from shootings because their body armor was in there locker because "it was to heavy to wear" at least your wake up call is just some laundry and air freshner.

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    Awww, that's a shame, I'm sure a cold bed like that is no fun.

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    Awwww I get the occasional wet bed too hehe just remember to wear the thicker diaper next time

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    keep a washable under pad down as a back up..for the back up

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    Yeah. Actual wet beds (usually) suck. Thank God for overnight diapers.

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    I always have a bed pad under my sheet and the matteras is well protected. I don't worry about waking in a wet bed.

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    Last night I wore my regular diaper and an insert with plastic pants, when I woke up my diaper was saturated but bed was dry (yea) I got dressed (still in my wet diaper) and walked the dog, and peed again. I felt a leak starting so I went in changed into my daytime diaper and planned my day. I will go shopping for groceries and will probably need to change diaper when I get home. I usually go through 4 to 5 diaper changes a day.

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