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Thread: Attends Poly Briefs - Highly recommend!

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    Default Attends Poly Briefs - Highly recommend!

    Lately, (like the past 15 years!) the Attends have been kind of crappy. Every couple of years I like to try out various brands out to see if they've changed. I tried a case of the Attends Poly Briefs last week as they are plastic backed and are actually a cheaper version of the waistband briefs (also plastic backed). The last time I tried the waistband briefs, they had nice plastic, but the absorbency was crappy as usual.

    Anyway, you can get a case of 96 of the Attends Poly Briefs for less than $40 with free shipping on Amazon, so you really can't get a cheaper diaper.

    Now I'll say the plastic wasn't as good and as soft as the 80's-90's Attends, BUT it was certainly the thickest crinkliest kind of plastic backing available today in a non-ABDL diaper! The plastic rivals even the kind commonly available in the 90s for many brands available then... just not the original Attends soft-shiny plastic.

    Because they have "poly" in the name, the company actually intends on not hiding this fact which is a plus and maybe why the plastic is so good and thick? I would even venture to say the plastic seems just a bit thicker than the gauge on the waistband briefs.

    The tapes were double-tapes that stuck very well. Of the few I've tried sofar, the tapes never came off and the diapers held their fit so well, I haven't thus far needed to refasten.

    Even better, the leg gathers elastic was so springy, you can really feel it "hug" your legs better than any other diaper made since the 90s. The bulk McKesson plastic briefs had great gathers in the past couple years, but last-year they changed their briefs *again* trying to be a cloth-plastic shell hybrid. WTF??

    However what really surprised me is that the thickness of these diapers was about double that of the waistband version I had last tried 6 months ago. This absorbency might not hold a candle to the super briefs commonly spoken of in these forums, but in my mind, makes these more legitimate and usable-enough.

    Absorbency is nice, but nothing beats the texture of a good plastic backed diaper especially one that hugs your legs like these do. Now that they hold more, it is enough that I could actually use them at night without leaks (most of the time).

    I was utterly shocked you can even buy something like this nowadays in the light of all the crap diapers available. Granted this won't satisfy everyone, but for comfort and the feeling of a real diaper like those made in the old days, I'd highly recommend trying these. Who knows how long they'll make em like this, so I just wanted to pass this on!

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    Good to hear. I had been a fan of the Attends plastic backed since I bought a case about 5 years ago that I still have some left. They made a nice inexpensive diaper that made sense for shorter wearing time and felt nice when wet. Not great capacity but good for the right time. Also did real well with a booster. I may try a case if really this cheap.

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    I have been buying these diapers for a few years now; they are one of the best deals when it comes to having a cheap plastic backed diaper for the sake of wearing a diaper. I am typically diapered when I am at home, and I use these diapers when time constraints will not enable me to use a premium diaper to its proper capacity.

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    In my experience Tranquility ATN's are an excellent low cost plastic backed diaper. For anyone that has tried both, how do Attends Poly Briefs compare to ATNs?

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    I started my diapered life in the original Attends tri tapes and have moved to different brands when they improved them into garbage, I was in the health jail in February and they put attends on me in he Hospital and they were pretty damn good , it also helped the Nurses changed me ever half hour , at home I go through 5 Tranquility a day and sleep in an a cloth super heavy weight night diaper, but I agree the recent Attends have been coming up as good diapers , if this continues I might find my way back to wearing them.

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    That's somewhat encouraging to see. I don't suppose they have standing leak guards?

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    Yes they do Trevor , all the comforts of home in an affordable decent diaper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WBxx View Post
    In my experience Tranquility ATN's are an excellent low cost plastic backed diaper. For anyone that has tried both, how do Attends Poly Briefs compare to ATNs?
    Took the words out of my mouth.

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    I think the attends name and manufacturing facility in north america has been bought out by another company because one they now say "Domtar inc" instead of "Paper-Pak" on the package and also they have changed every single thing possible about them, the packaging, the appearance of the logo, and the materials and appearance of the diapers themselves has changed alot as well. Not to say that these changes have made them great but they are certainly getting better a little at a time.

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    I don't understand why American Attends are considered a cheaper standard Nappy because here in the UK they are fantastic Nappies, my overall favourite.

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