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    Hey there ADISC.

    So me and my fiance are finally taking the plunge and are taking the first steps to converting our room to a nursery / play area.

    Our first order or business is a changing table. We're going the DIY route, using foam and fabric on a folding table. My question is, how to we approach restraints? As in, how do we attach them.

    I've never done anything like this before. My first thought was using velcro to attach the foam changing pad and fabric to the table in case it ever needed repurposing, but then how to attach the restraints so getting loose is difficult?

    I'd appreciate any advice, even when it comes to putting the table together. Thanks!

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    First concern would be that folding tables arn't usually overly sturdy. Even if it can hold the static weight of a person, you shouldn't underestimate the dynamic load of a person moving around or especially struggling.

    As to attaching the restraints, depends greatly on the type of restraint and the kind of look you are going for. Are we talking velcro/fabric/leather straps or something more like metal bands or chains, do you prefer them connected via rope/chain/bands to attachment points or prefer them directly mounted.. and so on. General advice though is to not underestimate the amount of force a dynamic load can impart, be very careful about leaving rough points or raised fasteners anywhere they may come in contact with skin, try to maximize surface area to spread out forces (both in terms of the restraint on the person and the connection point between the restraint and the furniture, and always think safety first.

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    folding tables i would use mabe at most some velcro since if that table wants to break loose under your weight, the last thing you want is a strap that would be at home securing cargo on a truck! If you make a sturdier table, then all you should need is mabe a 1/4 inch carriage bolt for the strap to secure to under the table and generally keeps the part your going to sit on as flat as possible, typically any webbing will have a washer on both sides of the strap to help it not tear. another option for more crafting babies is cutting slots for the straps to go into but unless your quite good with a plunge router this will not look very pretty I had a setup like this i made for a preschool type wooden chair that had a back with slots for straps that i cut using a pair of 2x4 blocks and some steel rod that fit in my plunge router guide slots perfectly. drop, slot, repeat.

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    I've wanted to do this for a long time.

    My idea would be to take a massage table without a face hole, take the legs off and make a sturdy cupboard esq bottom for storage, diapies, plastic pants etc...

    Then I would sink I bolts into the side for a solid anchor point for medical style leather restraints.

    I've even thought about putting some stirrups/ knee crutches at the end for more adult play.

    Basically the cost would just be a message table which I have found cheap on craigslist, and lumber.

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