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    Keeping it pg-13. I recently shaved everything below the waist (about a week ago) including my...back side. I don't know if it's just razor burn or if razor burn weakened my skin there and now it's a diaper rash, but it hurts bad.

    Anybody else deal with this? Suggestions? I haven't even worn all that much this week.

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    I shave everything below the waist near daily, or at least once a week, and the worst pain I have is just momentary, when I wash the shaving cream off in the shower. May I ask where you have a rash, or is it all over? I assume it's not on your legs?

    If you have any skin that's taken on a leathery look and feels like it's on fire...that's a yeast infection and is about as bad as it gets. Any cream designed for jock itch or athlete's foot will do the trick, and you'll probably also want some pull-ups or belted undergarments to keep the creme from rubbing off on your underwear and through your clothes. But hopefully that's not the problem.

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    I'm sure razor burn is a part of it since I've always gotten it bad elsewhere (face/legs) but this is the first time I've shaved my genital area and butt. It's on my butt, starting in the center and going out both directions. Ironically other than a little irritation which has passed, my front side is fine.

    I know people here are not doctors, but I think it's something fairly common among our particular group probably so you all might know.

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    It's not leathery, but it is pretty red and feels like I'm sitting on little thumb tacks if I move wrong.

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    Hmm, I'm not sure then. I use aftershave sometimes if I think my skin is a little irritated (but obviously not something with a heavy alcohol content!). Perhaps treat it like a first aid situation? You might also try giving it more air, like wearing less clothes and looser underwear, to the degree that's possible.

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    If it's been plaguing you for more than a couple days, I'd err on the cautious side and try one of the anti-fungal cremes I mentioned. I've gotten yeast infections twice, years ago, and it was always on my scrotum. Maybe somebody else will have a suggestion?

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    Yea, I'll try to air it out as much as possible. Its probably sweat agitating the already irritated/razorburned skin die to the location. Not actual diaper rash. Although isn't that all diaper rash really is? Sweat affecting skin that has been irritated from urine/mess?

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    FYI, I use Dollar Shave Club razors on my face and Bic Flex 3 razors everywhere else, and soak them in peroxide briefly afterwards, in case they picked up something nasty. Unless your skin is really sensitive, or there's some other skin issue, you shouldn't be breaking out like that.
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    I know it's from the shaving in some form, either that or a huge coincidence since it's never happened to me before.

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    Dunno. The only diaper rash I've known personally is the infections I mentioned before and some irritation if I don't clean up quickly after a BM.

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    If you never have shaved that area before, my guess is that your skin lost its normal protection (hair) and that you have a rash/fungus/irritation that is caused by the now closer proximity of your body's waste (be it urine, feces or just good old sweat). Most people don't realize how important hair can be in protecting, regulating and managing sensitive areas of the skin with temperature and moisture. Hair naturally whisks moisture away from the skin. When it is removed, your more sensitive areas are more vulnerable to irritation and rash.
    My advice, when shaving for the first time in those areas, use a good zinc based barrier cream for at least a couple of days after. Try and keep the area moisture free which means no diapers for a bit. For now, I would recommend a good rash cream and keep the area clean and as dry as possible until things quiet down in that area.

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    Yea, since I don't have any barrier cream right now, I'm just washing it well, drying well, and using powder. If it gets any worse I'll get cream. If it STILL doesn't clear up, I'll go to the doctor.

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. I've never dealt with this before.

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