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    Let me just start by saying that this is not an advertisement but rather just wishful thinking.

    I've had roommates in the past but they were not privy to my diaper loving ways, so I ended up getting my own place after a year there. Now my current lease is almost up and I've considered moving back in with roommates to save money (my rent was $800 before, now it's $1250) but I don't want to go back to hiding. Living alone has spoiled me as I don't have to hide anything.

    I was just thinking how nice it would be to find a roommate who was also an abdl or at least familiar and accepting of it.

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    That would be nice. Every time I had roommates I wished for the same thing. I never went out of my way to hide anything, but I never shared my nighttime issues with them. I never was found out to my knowledge. If I had been though, I always had really good people and they probably didn't say a word out of respect or recognition of a medical condition. I myself just moved into a new place. It's nice to be roommate free, but it's expensive on my negligible income (I'm using my GI Bill and living completely off the monthly allotment).

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    In the past, the roommates I had were people I personally knew for some time. Granted, I kept my diaper habits discrete around the home, but I probably would not have had any serious issues if they knew about my diapers (I would have probably just used a "white lie" and made note of my IBS). I have now been living on my own for a number of years (these roommates moved far away, and I would never trust a stranger to be a roommate), and while it is definitely more expensive, I will never go back to having a roommate. Admittedly, I am an introvert, so I can be accused of bias here. Nevertheless, it is nice to be able to lounge around my home in nothing but a diaper and a T-shirt on most days.

    The lack of job security nowadays isn't helping, as it has done wonders to drive up the demand for rentals, as more people are not willing to wager that they will have stable employment in the same area for the next 30 years.

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    It may sound odd, but one thing I found that helps is finding a roommate who also has a kink/thing of their own. Although they weren't my roommates, I have been able to tell about two of my college buddies, one who is into bdsm and the other is a furry. As they put it, in comparison to their interests, mine looks merely like some childish fascination.

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