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Thread: sleeping with my paci last night

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    Default sleeping with my paci last night

    so last night I went to sleep with my paci in and clipped on to my shirt and some point in the night I don't know if it was a dream or real life but I woke up to my mum (I think she took my paci out and that woke me up) I cant remember what she said I think she said something along the lines of "i took it out" but im so confused about it did it happen or was it in my head

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    I had a dream where my mom had a paci in her mouth and so did I! My mom would never accept this ABDL stuff!

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    Don't know that was real happened or just in your mind, all you must do in this case just make sure where you sleep was far away from other person such your mother, who can find you sleep in pacifier, if you want to sleep make sure the place was far away or closed out from the reach of people can see you sleep with pacifier, don't use pacifier at the place where people can reach you.


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