So right now I'm going through my 3rd year of college and I have a roommate. He's a great guy, but he doesn't leave the room often so I don't often have the privacy to do any ABDL stuff. We both had our beds lofted and raised up higher so we could make more space. I got an air mattress to put under my bed because we have 8 players for a D&D campaign and I didn't want them to sit on the floor.

Anyway, I have this air mattress set up 24/7, and I recently got an idea. I took a blanket and hung it over the side of the lofted bed, so that the air mattress (and anyone on it) is hidden from view, though not entirely so I can see my TV/ computer screen. With this setup, I can still drink from a bottle (got it with me now, and it's filled with chocolate milk ) even while he's in the room with me.

So now I don't have to wait until he's out of the room to use it, and if he or someone else comes in I'll have time to put it away before getting caught. So I'm wondering, does anyone else have any clever tricks or interesting stories about being an ABDL with a roommate?