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Thread: Baby play and foreign languages

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    Lightbulb Baby play and foreign languages

    I'm not an AB myself but, being a part of the ADISC community, it happened to me to think several times about how a *B roleplay session works, and I came up with an idea that maybe could be useful to someone - or maybe someone else has already put into practice.

    One of the most important facts when taking care of a real baby is the ability of the baby to communicate with his/her caregiver in a quite limited number of ways, since either the baby's vocabulary and grammar are quite poor, or he/she isn't able to speak at all. In an *B play session, who plays the baby role usually fakes baby talk, but he/she cannot avoid to fully understand what the caregiver says. This is where my idea applies.

    Let's say you were doing *B play with, as a daddy/mommy, someone who speaks a language you don't know well, or maybe you don't understand at all. This would put you in the exact same position of a real baby with his/her parents trying to teach him/her to speak.

    This leads to some consequences that can make *B play more interesting and realistic: first, since the *baby doesn't have a clue about what is being told him/her, the caregiver will have to use gestures and sounds exactly like when communicating with a real baby, but now because of an actual incommunicability and not something fake. This way, the *baby is in an actually inferior position towards his/her caregiver: he/she cannot understand, he/she cannot express him/herself, he/she cannot communicate anything except in the way a real baby does.

    Moreover, it could also be the opportunity to start learning a new language in a fun and unique way!

    And, of course, for "service communication" outside the roleplay, the *baby or the daddy/mommy could temporarily switch to a language - such as English - they both have a "mature" understanding of.

    What do you think? Has anyone already got experiences to share about this?

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    I like this idea. It would be interesting to try out, see what it feels like (speaking from an AB perspective here). I get the feeling it would be a bit of a trip.

    I wonder if, after a while, the *B would start to pick up the language the caregiver is using. Probably not with the ease nor to the extent that a small child actually would (I believe there's an age cut-off after which learning a language becomes more difficult), but still... babying *and* rudimentary foreign language lessons? Sign me up.

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    This thought crossed my mind, although not with roleplay (which would indeed be great), but with children's TV.

    Like shows for babies or really young children where it's more visual, and if anything the programme just tries to teach some words. So you could watch the programme and only understand it visually, and be in a more childish position.
    Plus you learn to say all the babyish words in another language.

    I think roleplaying like that would be good, babytalk in other languages can sound quite soothing...

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    Wow, that's a pretty good idea. I think I'd have a lot of fun with that.

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    genius! i could see myself throwing a good amount of temper tantrums at not being able to convey what i'm thinking or feeling correctly or in an efficient manner.

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    Wow this sounds genius!

    I love the idea! I know my friends hate it when I yell at them in spanish! ^.^

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