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Thread: How old are you?

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    Default How old are you?

    This is an important subject for me. Every time I get active on this site, I am always curious about how old the people on the threads are that I am reading. Since I am home alone and have had a few beers. I am feeling curious.

    It is important because I think all of our experiences and exposure during our formative years seem to dictate what we are in to and what we enjoy about diapers. I an 46 years old. My formative years were during the introduction of disposable diapers (~1970-1980). I enjoy wearing plastic-backed disposables and cloth diapers with plastic pants. I would say that my ultimate desire is centered around plastic pants and to a slightly lesser extent, plastic-backed disposables.

    So, lets discuss age. if that's ok with all of you.

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    I'm 61 so I grow up with cloth diapers and rubber pants. When I started to wet the bed (sometime around 10 to 13), I again wore cloth diapers.

    Now, I generally use disposables. They are easier to put on and to 'clean' but I do enjoy a nice cloth diaper on occasion.

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    I'm 40 and I also grew up with the 1st generation of Pampers. I prefer plastic backed diapers, but have come to like cloth backed as well as long as they look like baby diapers. I have a couple AIO cloth diapers, but no plastic pants.

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    I'm 41 all I can remember from way back when of wearing some cloth diapers and plasticpants then switching to disposable diapers .But I can recall wearing mostly disposable diapers from age 3 to 4.5 yrs old. I was back in disposable diaper at 7yrs old for bedwetting and we'll the rest is history .

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    I'm 23 and I 'trained' really early and never really had anything but the occasional problem with bedwetting which I outgrew by the time i was just barely out of kindergarten. I can remember a few times of being made to wear a pullup to bed because i'd wet the bed the night previous (that was the rule) but that's about it. I did wet the bed one night when i was l11 but barely so i manged to hide the fact that i did. There was one kid in preschool they would make wear a diaper whenever he would bully someone (i was a target quite a bit there) and i remember being....not jealous but a little more interested than i should have been.

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    I'm 20 and I only remember being put back in diapers once, and it was only for 1 night. Though I still had some accidents all the way through 3rd grade.

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    I'm 23 and wore disposables as a baby (they would have been plastic-backed but I honestly have zero memories of being in diapers). I wear disposables but I wouldn't mind trying a proper cloth diaper (the layers of towel I sewed inside a pair of underwear to make training pants doesn't count).

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    Hellw I am physically 48. But that the only thing that is 48 as I feel allot younger on the inside.
    I like to age play as a toddler of about 4/5 years old.

    I don't relay rember much about be in nappys as a babby. I can remember the firs time I tryed ont an aduld one though and how nice it was to be padded up and how hard it was to wet my self for the first time.

    Now it is a morning debate with myself what under where I going to put on. Really depends what I doing at school. (Work.)

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    27, I've been in diapers my whole life. I have distinct memories of plastic disposables and Pull-Ups. When I still wore baby diapers they were the gender-specific ones back then, the day I was put back in them is a major memory of mine. I was talking about it in another thread.

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