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    Im sure some of you have read some of my recent posts/threads, I've quit drinking once again and hope I can stick with it this time. Anyways, she drove five hours from New Hampshire to visit with me and talk about my troubles. She is a health teacher and openly gay and married. We are fairly close in age and have more of a brother/sister relationship. While talking I felt I had to tell her and wasn't nervous because I knew she would think nothing of it. She's the third person I've told face to face.

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    Great, having a real person you can talk to about anything is even better than just the community we have online. I had to reveal to many college folks over the years that I wore plastic underpants to bed. It always seemed more embarrassing to me to soak the sheets with your partner in the bed also than just wearing protection and not causing them discomfort. A large number of them actually expressed their appreciation I did this, some others were a bit turned off. Even when going weeks without any type of nighttime accident I always wore protection which some thought was a bit strange but since I was comfortable about it, it was easier for them to not think much about it either.

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    I told my best friend from college, many years later, that I'm into diapers and regression. We had a gay relationship so I knew he would understand. Funny how us free thinkers are.

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    Red face Mom Knows

    I've told nobody except a civilian shrink, but I am sure my mother knows. One Sunday a couple of years after coming home. I was having a really bad day (hypermanic massive panic attack). I usually wet without much warning during these, so I put on a heavy abena M4 and a PVC cover just in case. It was crinkly but I was home alone so no prob. I was vacuuming the living room in nothing but that when the doorbell rang. I had forgot I would help my mom pick out a garbage disposal. I yelled hold on and ran to the bedroom and slapped on a pair of loose jeans and a polo and tucked it in. I let Mom in and put on some sneakers. I was still conscious of my noisy diaper so I told Mom I forgot my wallet and I'd meet her in the car. Luckily, my mom is sort of cool she plays 50's 60's hits a little loud so my crinkle was muffled the ambient noise hid it in the store At Home Depot, we picked out a disposal, took it to her house. I peed in Home Depot. As I was installing it my shirt came untucked exposing the top 1/4 of my diaper. I paid it no mind because I could hear the TV in the family room. I thought mom was watching it. I finished up and was crawling out from under the sink; I started to wet pretty heavy, but was sure the diaper would hold. As I looked up my mom was standing there. I tucked my shirt back in and ran the garbage disposal said done. On the way back to my house I wet again. I tried to hold it, but it always hurt so I gave up. My diaper was pretty full and my loose jeans weren't loose any more. I glanced back and mom was looking right at my butt. I know she knew eventhough she never said anything. Now I do not go out of my way to hide it from her. But, she still hasn't said anything though she's washed my daily wear and overnight super undies.

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