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    I watched the HBO Movie Taking Chance yesterday. I was real hesitant about watching it though. As most of you all know I am a Veteran and am proud to have served our country. My main concern about seeing the movie was HBOs reputation of taking a negative view and stance in their movies about our Men and Women in uniform. I can proudly say it was a good movie and I did not make it through with out shedding a few tears too. After the movie and looking back at the 20 years I did and some of the sacrifices I made were no comparison to what our Men and Women in uniform are making now. The Sacrifice that Chance made too made me proud to have served and how are military is really appreciated all over this country. If you have not seen Taking Chance yet I recommend it very much.

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    I didn't see the movie. But I would like to thank you and all the other men and women who have so valiently and courageously served in the Armed Forces of my country by making it possible for me to live in freedom and dignity. When I am old enough and out of school I hope that I will be able to do my duty and serve my country as proudly as you and they have...hopefully flying.

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    That was a good movie. Kevin Bacon plays that roll really well. I would suggest that the Marine Corps make it mandatory that all officers do at least one escort like that, to remind them of the responsibilities of command.

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