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    Is Biggest Fear when comes to wating wear diapers once i start wearing it what words goes out that am wearing. Sure i can try hide it but still worried that someone is going to catch on

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    Don't worry about it your not alone in having that fear as I also have to wear diapers from time to time due to an intimitant problem with my bladder, I think people should be less judgemental towards people who that they don't even know, this is part of the problem with stigma.

    Please feel free to reply to my new blog that has to do with this subject and just remember that you are not alone and that I support you 100%.

    Yours sincerely


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    It is not so much if someone knows you wear protective undergarments but why. If you have ever noticed someone else wearing diapers would you think it was due to a medical or fetish reasoning? The point is you would not know. If you are somewhat discreet about it, than no one is going to even ask why. If someone personal you know does inquire, just tell them you have finally come to terms with needing this protection and leave it at that (which is the truth either way). It does not change who you are after many years; it is something that is a small part of the bigger you.

    Now if you wear diapers and run around the neighborhood in only a tee shirt and scare everyone with your screaming they may have cause to stay away from you...ha.

    I started wearing in college because I was having accidents at night. My roommate was actually appreciative that I wore protection so any wet sheets / bed would not be noticeable to anyone. I eventually was able to just be in my snap-on diaper and plastic underpants in front of him right before bed and it was no big deal. After so many years I no longer have the number of accidents at night as back then but I still wear for the security feeling of having this protection. I know a few others may know but they have not inquired and I certainly have not brought it up. Friendship goes well beyond what private kinks we may have. The good part is there is this community we rely on for support and it can provide a lot of courage for you.

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    I thought about what if i got into diapers earlier in my life that might get picked on for wearing i alredy picked on for other stuff.

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    Also if wear to tell someone and they ask what got me into wearing diapers all of sudden why wasn't into ealier what i say

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    You have nothing to fear. If for some reason someone were to find out, you can always say it is for a medical reason. Yes, medical reasons do happen later in life quite often from people who never had an issue when younger. In fact, most adults will eventually have some kind of incontinence at some point in their life. It really is normal and not to be feared, even if at a younger age.

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    Truthfully, unless you flaunt it, people don't tend to notice you wearing a diaper beneath your pants or shorts when you are out in public. In the unlikely event of someone seeing you wearing a diaper, others are correct in that most will probably assume it is due to medical reasons. The initial intimidation fades quite quickly once you start wearing diapers outside of your home. Quite frankly, I have gotten to the point where I wouldn't even be bothered if someone happened to somehow notice I was wearing a diaper.

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    Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. The only thing I would be concerned about is if you get in physical contact with someone who doesn't know you wear, i.e. a hug. One time I was wearing under my jeans. A friend hugged me and then asked suddenly, "What are you wearing?" I instinctively shrugged and said something stupid like, "It's just paper in my pocket."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buhha View Post
    Sure i can try hide it but still worried that someone is going to catch on
    I bought and wore my first adult diaper nearly 10 years ago, and have been wearing on a regular basis (just the last week I went basically 24/7 for a few days without even realizing) for the last 4. I've lived with my family the entire duration, and as far as I know they haven't caught on.

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