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Thread: Partially stuck as a toddler?

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    Default Partially stuck as a toddler?

    I'm in my late 30s. Setting aside the "diapers" specifically, I think I'm still stuck, in several ways, in sort of toddler behaviors. (Also, some teenage ones. Like, I still have and drive the same exact model topless Jeep I had as a first car at sixteen - I bought this one at 18 and have had it ever since. But I digress.)

    Like, when I was a kid, I used to have messy accidents, where I didn't want to stop doing what I was doing to head to the bathroom, and ended up with skid marks (or worse). Never grew out of that. Three times this week!

    Or, transitional object The blanket I used to carry around has been gone for decades, but the collars on polo shirts, and the satiny fringe of blankets on beds, took its place. Nowadays I've used a linear progression of polo shirts that outlived their usefulness as clothing (holes, stains, whatever), and have become my "carry around" blankie. (Only around the house, mind you.) It's draped across my lap while I tap this.

    In other parts of my life I adult reasonably well. I have two rescue dogs I've had 7 and 5 years, respectively, and they're in good health and no worse adjusted than when I got them (one's a mellow lover I've had since he was a puppy, one was almost feral when I got her as a shelter-pull street stray). I have a career that I haven't managed to completely torpedo (I'm a lawyer). I own a home, though with various ups and downs I've come close to losing it a couple of times. I'm a licensed pilot and I'll have my instrument rating in a few days. I have more than 200 hours logged as "pilot in command." I occasionally even date semi-successfully.

    So W.T.F.?! Confused.

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    Honestly it just sounds like you're a pretty typical ab... We all have our baby sides, and our adult sides, and yours seem to be pretty well balanced... So it all seems good to me.

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    We all have an inner toddler, embrace it! I did! I have temper tantrums still!

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    That thing about 'I put away childish things.' is nonsense. Two years ago (at age 63), my 1997 Jeep TJ, purchased new, finally gave up. I still miss tooling around with the top and doors off. And I did the 'fabric rubbing' thing until I was about 56.

    Your brain doesn't erase your childhood when you become an adult, it just adds new layers on top. All of those childish things are still there, they're just suppressed. The comfort and love you felt during diaper changes when you were an infant just reemerge as your love of diaper. When people talk about the 'inner child', it can be taken literally. There really is a little person in there.

    So you can do just fine without suppressing your 'inner child'.

    I've made it to retirement, live in a beautiful community and own a house that I love, and my 'inner child' has been along for the ride for the whole time and nobody knew.

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