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Thread: I am not doing the YouTube videos any more

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    Default I am not doing the YouTube videos any more

    I have decided that I don't want to do my YouTube videos anymore. I just want an account to view my little videos on and one for generic stuff. It's too time consuming and it's stopping me being a kid, I got some nasty comments because I commented on somebody else's video on adult babies and I just don't want to anymore. I talk a lot about my mom and I don't want to talk about my past anymore unless I need to!

    Hope you understand

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    Sure sweetie. I watched some of your videos and enjoyed them but I understand why you don't feel like it! You do what you need to do!

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    You can check out some, by the name of angelic 1998 it's called, you may as well watch them now by next week when I am deleting my youtube channel

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    Sorry to hear you've had a not so pleasant experience on there...

    It sucks when you spend time on things and truly be honest about things to get negative feedback.

    Remember though, 99% of people that liked your posts don't post, and 99% of people that don't will post...

    So, take the negative with a grain of salt, or even a cupcake! Your stuff to me seems excellent and well done!

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