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Thread: I want to thank everyone in this community

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    Default I want to thank everyone in this community

    Hey everyone,

    I just want to make a bit of announcement, but first I want to say thank you. The past couple days I have really seen the support that everyone shares with each other in these forums. It is truly wonderful to see there are people in the world who can come together and support one another even if the outside world is against them. It's always great to know you're not alone.

    When I first posted a couple days ago, I felt like I was embracing a DL side of me for the first time. However, after the excitement of embracing it yesterday, the feelings have gone away quite dramatically. That is why I've come to the point where I am going to stop posting on here. However if these feelings return, I hope this amazing community will welcome me back.

    Thanks again to all the great people on here. Keep enjoying who you are, because you are great just the way you are.

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    Come back soon but just know you are accepted here whether you post regularly, lurk or just check back in on Occassion!

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    I actually still not understand what mean for, do you intend to fade away or you just intend to inactive here as a daily basis?
    No matter if you wanted to go away that's your right. But we still welcomed you here if you back and if you also please back here if you had problems for we can help you.

    Have a good time!


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    ADISC is a shelter in a storm. People come and go as their needs or situation changes. But remember, you'll always be welcome here.

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