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Thread: Help with getting diapers!

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    Default Help with getting diapers!

    Hey guys! So I need some tips if you have them. I'm 20 and still live at home but I really want to get some actual adult baby diapers and other stuff but the only way to get them is online. So how can I get them to my house without anyone finding out? I'm open to any sujestions!! Thanks guys!
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    I'd suggest ordering online and once they have emailed you the tracking number have it redirected to be held at a local UPS or FedEx office in your area depending on which on is shipping. That way you can pick it up and bring it home when no one is home. Thats what ive done for the last year since ive started ording diapers online.

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    I worked at a UPS store back in 2004-2005. Policies vary from store to store, so call first, but we would allow non-mailbox holders to have packages sent to us for like a $5 pickup fee as long as they had coordinated it first so we were expecting it.

    We never pried into customers' business and unless we suspected illegal activity (which unless it said it on the package, we'd never know), we didn't care what it was. If you're worried about them seeing anything (I've had shipments come where the box was torn slightly) then choose a location a bit far from your house.

    Btw, the torn package was from abuniverse but I don't blame them as I'm sure it happened in shipping.

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    My last Bambino order had the option for it to be shipped to a Fed Ex pick-up location.

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    Fed-Ex can redirect to local Fed-Ex store (as mentioned) UPS can send to UPS sponsored stores (for a fee) and, if money is not an option, UPS stores usually have mailboxes without limitations (you can have large packages sent to them).

    It is times like these that I wish that members like me could reasonably reach out and help members like you. If it were kosher, I would be willing to help local members with problems like these. Unfortunately, as much as the internet is helpful with advice, actual physical help seems difficult, if not impossible.

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    Thanks for the tips guys! For the ups pick up thing do I have to have a ups prime account or whatever it is? Because there is already one set up for my house...

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    If it's at the ups store, just call the closest one and ask them. You can just say that you work all day and don't trust your neighborhood enough for it to be left at your house.

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    Been there done that. You should probably use an alternative hold at location service if they have UPS My Way. I know a fellow DL from Craigslist who I buy from, offered to have it delivered to him (be very careful with this, as it can put you at risk)

    It might just be good to try the thrift stores in your area. They often have above average diapers at low prices. Good luck!

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