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    Default While reading one of the threads.

    While reading one of the other threads. I remembered something that happened when I was about seven or eight.
    My Mother was raising me by herself, and to make money she did childcare. Back then we called babysitting. So while I was growing up, there were loads of kids at my house. Some of them spent more time at our home than their own. One of the kids we will call him Bobby, was like my little brother. One evening we were on our way out somewhere so we were going to drop "Bobby" off at his home. When we got there his Mother was sitting under a sunlamp in the front room with a bikini top and cutoff jean shorts. While I was standing there next to her I noticed that she had a cloth diaper and plastic pants on. She was probably in her early,mid twenties at the time. This was the only time that I ever noticed her wearing. And yes I was looking from then on. She, in my mind at the time, liked to wear diapers.
    About ten years ago I went to a Family get together that I knew she was going to be at. I was kind of excited to see her. I knew I wouldn't but wanted to ask her about the diaper some 35 years earlier. Boy wouldn't that have blown her mind.
    I guess it could have been for some IC issues. But I don't think so. She seemed pretty of embarrassed when she saw me looking at her diaper at the back of her shorts.
    She would be around 70 now. I'm still wondering to this day if she is one of us.

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    Ah.....somethings in life must remain a mystery and doesn't it make living interesting!

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    So true dogboy. Two of my old childhood friends used to like to wear diapers. One was caught by his parents and they send him to see a psychiatrist to get 'fixed'. He hasn't been the same, mentally, since. The other one eventually forgot about wearing them.

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