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Thread: Anyone like superman?

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    Default Anyone like superman?

    I have really started getting into superman in the past few days. Is there any good superman films you would recommend, I have watched the man of steel and it was fab. I am thinking of role playing as superman as he is like a role model to me like he is loyal, thinks about what's best for everybody and is kind despite having all that power. I think his back story is a really interesting too.

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    I like Superman although it seems surprising to me that you would draw those conclusions on him based on that movie. I'd say it's a representation of a superman, not of the Superman. I'm glad to see you somehow extracted important elements of his character from it.

    I'd call the 1978 Superman far and away the best movie presentation of him. Superman Ii, while good in parts doesn't seem to me to be a good film overall. The less said about III and IV, the better. In TV, I'd recommend Superman: The Animated Series and also his appearances in Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. I don't care for his characterization in any of the recent films.

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    I enjoyed the older movies. I really like the relatively new TV series, Super Woman. My wife and I got into it last year. My plushie, Moose, likes Super Woman because he then squeaks and flies into my wife. She doesn't like it when Moose does that and she throws Moose into the hall! Poor Moose.

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    Superman was always overpowered in my opinion.

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    I like the 1950's live-action TV Superman.

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    I really liked the Smallville TV series.

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