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    Well finally after nearly 5 years of marriage to the most wonderful women I know I shared with her first by a very thoughtfully written email sent to her just before she finnished work and we chatted when she got home and she truely was so accepting and wonderful about it. I am currently at home for some time with a badly broken leg and she encouraged me to wear with confidence as it would help at the moment and she thinks dealing with monthly issues is way worse.
    I am so very blessed to have this wonderful lady in my life and it's a massive weight lifted off me. Sometimes you don't know the weight of burdens until they are lifted.
    I have read many of your reports with mixed results in sharing and I can only hope everyone has a positive expererience when the time comes.

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    Congratulations Biggles

    I have been married nearly 16 years. I discovered i was a DL probably 4 or 5 years ago and kept it secret for a very long time. Last October i came out to my Wife. She was very accepting of it. But didnt want much to do with it.
    But i know the relief it brings to oneself when a burdened such as this is kept secret from your sole mate. I always felt i was lying to my wife. We never keep secrets from each other. We trust each other explicitly. SO to keep it a secret was ripping me apart.

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    Wow, congratulations. I told my wif last October after keeping it a secret from her for our 12 years of marriage and she flipped out. She said I had mental issues or was demon possessed and she told me she would leave me if I didn't stop wearing them. I stopped for a few months and then she surprising came around and said I could wear in my own personal time, never around her or the kids. She never wants to see my stash and she never wants to know if I have been wearing. Just a don't ask, don't tell situation. I guess that's better than her leaving but still not ideal.

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    Well good for you.
    I am so happy for you, but sorry to hear about the broken leg.
    I recently came out to my wife and I know first hand what a relief it is to be open with the woman you love and spend your life with.

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