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Thread: Met someone!

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    Default Met someone!

    I need advice I met someone on tumblr, we talk a lot! Well me more than her most of her replies are hehe and lol! I have sent her a lot of diapers and monies bc she is struggling! I don't know what elese to do she seems uninterested!

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    I just feel bad bc we seem to have a lot in common but maybe I'm reading more into it!

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    I hate to be the bubble buster, but have ever thought she is scamming you? Relationships are give and take not just one or another.

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    I agree with Kryan

    If she doesn't take the time to reply with more than just a few words and is asking for money and diapers a lot then those are some red flags right there.

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    Well I found out this morning that she has a daddy so time to shut it down

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    Quote Originally Posted by gadawgs8000 View Post
    Well I found out this morning that she has a daddy so time to shut it down
    Oh wow, that's terrible.
    Sorry to hear that man, hopefully you're able to get back the stuff you sent. At least the money.

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    She sent me a message this morning saying sorry I didn't talk last night I was at my daddy's house

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    had you sent her a message asking her why she was being elusive before that? my wondering is, if she was casually trying to let you know about the daddy, in the hopes you might take the hint. or if she is genuinely that oblivious ?

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    I think she enjoyed the attention from me, I think that I have realized that just because someone shows me attention doesn't mean they are one interested in me and two I have to be careful not to fall for sad stories!

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