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Thread: Sooo, about plushies

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    Default Sooo, about plushies

    I'm considering getting me one, preferably kinda big...As in around 18"-ish...
    Any suggestions where to look for that? I've tried googling, but can't seem to find the kind I'd like (a fox), at least not yet...
    Being blind kinda doesn't help me either I suppose, lol. Hard to see the Pictures. XD

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    My wife bought me a large teddy bear from Toys R Us as a Christmas present. He's about two feel tall and I sleep with him every night.

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    I suggest Mickey Mouse. You can usually find him in any toy store.

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    The talking Kion plush is fairly large and huggable. You can turn the talking off with a simple switch on the battery pack.

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    Thanks for all the replies :3
    I'm mostly looking for a general stuffed animal, preferably a fox of some sort I think, so not a specific character. I've done a bit more googling though, did manage to dig up a few possibilities, but we'll see ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by wackoreese View Post
    Oh good, someone already linked this one. I have it, it's spectacular, and I've bought several other plushes from Douglas. They're really, really nice.

    Edit: Here's a link to their main site:
    They have a number of different categories that you can scroll through and see pictures of the plushies.

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    Oooh! Check this one out! Not too big, 14", but comes with a cub!

    If you're on a budget you should check out garage sales and flea markets. They almost always have stuffed animals or childrens' toys of some kind for cheap. They'll need a major cleaning though.

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    The one Wackoreese posted sounds nice. IDK if it looks nice too, but I'd assume so X3
    I'll continue looking around too, somewhere there'll be a match, heh.

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