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Thread: Question about diaper wearing......

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    Default Question about diaper wearing......

    So I'm doing a comic book/manga series about a sexy super heroine who wears diapers. However, I only want her to wear diapers like any regular article of clothing, none of that wetting or messing. It's been making me wonder: are there people out there who do wear diapers just for the sake of wearing one without wetting or messing in them? I've been trying to find the answer to this question, but everywhere I look, it's either someone saying they wet their diapers, but not poop in them, or vice versa. I just really wanna know if there are some who just wear a diaper as regular underwear and NOT pee or poop in them.

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    I always pee mine, but rarelly mess.

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    I usually just wear as underwear! A diaper calms me down!

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    Yes, there are. Some people just like to wear. Not me, but those people are out there.

    Amusingly one literary reference is in John Irving's The World According to Garp. Garp's neighbor is revealed:

    Cushie had also told Garp that Bainbridge was still inclined to wear a diaper—perhaps, Garp thought, because her family still insisted on calling her Pooh.

    “Well,” Cushie said, “I don't see what's wrong with it. She doesn't use the diapers, you know; I mean, she's housebroken, and all that. Pooh just likes to wear diapers—occasionally.”

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    I wear my diapers 24/7 and use them.

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    I generally wear on weekends and don't use, just wear. But I do wear at night about 50% of the time and do use them some night's.
    Although I have been a DL as long as I can remember. I am very new to the freedom that I now have to pretty much wear whenever I want to.

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    I used to wear and not wet towards the beginning of my public diaper wearing. I only had depends back then and I feared leaks. I would only wet them when I was in a restroom, about to take them off. Now I can't imagine not wetting my diaper.

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    congratulations! I started to wear diapers like you b7t sporadic at best. I started having accudents in bed so i started wearing depends first only in bed but the at work and now i wear cloth diapers 24/7. i have no issues going out in a diaper undr my clothes, but now i am losing control and leak frequently and sonetimes i cant stop the flow (like now) i am wearing a leakmaster contour diaper which is now totally saturated. i will have to wash last nights diaper and this one. so i will put on a depend unetil tonite then back to my regular diaper

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