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Thread: Dose throwing away all my underwear subconsciously ingrave ones need to wear nappies 24/7?

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    Default Dose throwing away all my underwear subconsciously ingrave ones need to wear nappies 24/7?

    I have also bought 7 different coloured all in one t-shirts from here

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    It kinda makes your choice easier,, diaper or nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by alwayz View Post
    It kinda makes your choice easier,, diaper or nothing
    My thoughts exactly.

    I've thought about putting all my underwear away in a box for a week while I wear diapers 24/7. Not actually throwing them out.

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    The last road trip I went on was to visit the parents for a week. With all of my underwear 300 miles away, and just a 2nd suitcase full of diapers... well... "guess you're wearing nothing but diapers this week!"

    But it's nice to have the option, not that it happens often anymore. Maybe a few hrs for one day in a month, if that. I choose to keep it enjoyable as much as possible. So if it's going to be a major hassle, I just don't. Besides, then while I'm out I can think about how much I'd rather be padded, and picture those tall, white, soft, crinkly stacks of diapers waiting in the cabinet at home for when I return. Think about how I used to yearn for diapers and wish I could have some, and know that now I can, great ones are right there waiting for me when I get back home. Padding back up after a break like that can be quite enjoyable.

    Maybe reason enough to go without for a little while?

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    I haven't worn normal underwear for years now. I throw all mine out when I started wearing nappies al the time. For me it made accepting my incontinence easier. Becoming unashamedly DL as a result sealed my fate.

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    Well I prefer diapers to underwear too.

    I got very painful varicose veins on the left side on my groin area. And any underwear that has a seam down it, will rub and cause pain.
    I prefer diapers because they are seamless. And seamless underwear is expensive.

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    If you're serious about 24/7 there's no better motivation than
    1. Telling friends
    2. Throwing out underwear
    For obvious reasons. You're kinda forced to wearing. Let's say one day you're tired of diapers, normally you would just take a break and put on underwears. But now you'd have to just accept being in a diaper if you don't want to have your penis stuck in the zipper (if you're a guy) :p

    But personally I wouldn't do it cause I like wearing underwear over my diaper to be discreet

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    I put underwear over my diaper as well but when I make onesies, I will use that instead but just for winter time so I have an extra layer, in actual fact winter will be in here in about a month, I better get started!

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