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    Unfortunately, I've found something wrong with it.
    Leftism is certainly not fascism. Rightest isn't Anarchy.

    Leftism/rightism is based off of the french revolution, when the third estate was divided into those who were left of the president's chair and those who were right. This was a representation of the liberals (those who want change, "leftists") and conservatives (those who stick to tradition, "rightists").

    We, as a country, were very liberal when we started and slowly turned into a more conservative country... but this is semantics. We just changed a lot until we got to what we wanted and stuck with it.

    How democracy is somehow "liberal" and republic is "conservative" is odd... especially seeing as democrats can be "Conservative Democrats" and so on and so forth.

    Another thing that shows that leftism and government control is not related is the Leftist Libertarian, or a person who believes that we can basically have a communist society without a government. Or a Rightist Libertarian, one who believes we can have free trade without a government. Interesting, eh?

    We are in fact a democratic-republic -- evidence that 51% rule 49% is shown through the gay marriage bans in California on just that (or near that) ruling. Benjamin Franklin knew that we were a democratic republic, and the founding fathers set it up as one. Just because the word's not used, doesn't mean it wasn't. I don't think we can have a working republic which is not also democratic... we'd get nothing done (well, that's what I think...)

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    No... They set it up as a republic. Not a democratic republic, a republic.

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    How democracy is somehow "liberal" and republic is "conservative" is odd... especially seeing as democrats can be "Conservative Democrats" and so on and so forth.

    That's not what the term "Democrat" is referring to. -_________________-;;

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    You know if I make up definitions for words that have no basis in truth, I could make a BS video just like this guy did.

    Liberalism and Conservatism are currently called political Left and Right.

    If you want to set up a separate measurement of governmental control, with Totalitarianism at one end and Anarchy at the other that is fine, but don't compare them to leftism and rightism.

    He also has a serious misunderstanding of the difference between a Democracy and a Republic. In a Democracy, the people (all of them) vote on everything. In a Republic, those that can vote are limited, currently in the US, you must be over 18 and for the most part not a convicted felon. Historically the US had more limitations on voting, poll taxes, property ownership, gender and a higher age.

    His little wild west scenario is wrong also, because the rule of law is part of all governments, with the exception of anarchy. No matter what the government type, if the sheriff shows up, no matter what the posse voted, he is taking the prisoner back for trial. Also, that whole trial by jury thing comes to us from the Vikings, I don't believe they operated under a republic.

    While there currently may be no total dictatorships, or monarchies, or other rule by one, historically there were, and they lasted longer than our Republic currently has.

    Jaykyjayk, while some aspects of the US government, such as the amending of the California Constitution may seem to be a democracy at action, the limits upon who may vote on the Constitution makes it a republic in action.

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