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Thread: Am obsessed With Diappers

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    Default Am obsessed With Diappers

    Is there anything wrong with that?

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    Being obsessed with anything is never a good thing. But as long as you can keep it in check, no harm, no foul.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buhha View Post
    Is there anything wrong with that?
    Infatuated - ok. Obsessed - probably not healthy.

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    As obsessions go that's not a bad one although it's not healthy either but as long as your not committing any crimes or taking drugs then who am I to judge you, I myself have similar thoughts although they are usually health related as I have disabilities that require that I wear diapers from time to time.

    Anyway just thought you should know about these websites.

    Yours sincerely

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    Being obsessed with meth would be worse... Just saying.

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    You don't specify what it is about diapers that you are obsessed with. Do you buy, buy and buy so you have 100's of diapers? Do you just like to wear 24/7? Do just like the smell of diapers?

    Each of these can mean different things as far as obsession goes.

    In general, if the 'obsession' does not interfere with your adult responsibilities, than it is ok. It only becomes a problem if your other responsibilities are impacted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Str88jacketabdl View Post
    Being obsessed with meth would be worse... Just saying.
    For that matter being obsessed with any addictive substance would be worse.

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    That depends how you define obsession.

    Obsessed as in really like diapers and enjoy wearing frequently? No. Nothing wrong with that.

    Obsessed as in taking over your life and preventing you from doing important things? Yes. If it's preventing you from doing necessary things, then things get problematic.

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