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Thread: Anti Snoring Mouthguards?

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    Default Anti Snoring Mouthguards?

    Hi peeps,

    Actually a bit ashamed that I snore and wake my poor wife up at least once a week.

    I have found if I sleep on my back then I can even wake myself up with an aweful gurgling snore so try to keep to sleeping on my left side which helps though doesn't always stop it.

    I have tried various "natural" pills, sprays for the back of my throat and found they either give me insomnia, a blasted itchy throat or make me drowsy all without doing anything for the snoring (yes stupidly I tried them many nights with the same result.)

    I have tried those nose strips to hold my nostrils open for more air flow and wake up feeling like I have slept better but apparently have still snored.

    So last night I tried a mouth guard off eBay, you have to heat it in 80c water and then bite down to mould it to your teeth then just sleep with it in your mouth.

    Ok so not going to over sell this thing, it pushes your bottom jaw forward a touch and stops your mouth from fully closing, it has a slit for an airway which I found my tongue when pushed forward blocks that airway so was kinda dubious I would be able to sleep with it.

    The big test I thought would be can I sleep on my back? Answer was "mainly", I certainly woke up quite a few times and noticed this mouth guard, noticed I had a dry mouth but amazingly never woke myself up from snoring nor was I woken up by my wife to tell me I am snoring.

    Ok so down side slightly sore jaw in the morning, I found it has taken the time to write this for my bottom teeth to no longer touch the back of my front teeth but I do actually feel well rested.

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    Ok so maybe no one else snores (hope you don't it's aweful.)

    Second night, my wife woke me at some point to say I snored (which is the right thing to do) and I found the mouth guard thing slipped.

    Last night (third night) I think I got about 2 hours sleep, was harder to breath, my jaw hurt, my top front teeth and a crooked bottom front tooth hurt, tried adjusting it but kept snoring whenever I fell asleep again. Found a few hours later when the pain finally took away my last hope of sleep this dratted thing has loosed up so I am guessing but think it now just slips.

    I did buy it cheap on eBay and the destructions say you "can" keep warming and remoulding it but never would I have thought it was something you would have to keep doing.

    Thinking of reworking it tonight and then maybe looking into getting a professional one.

    Any thoughts or experiences would be really appreciated as I at my wits end.

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    I don't know if this would help scoring but have you tried an adult pacifier? It would also keep the mouth open just a hair since your teeth can't fully close. It would need to be an actual adult sized one. A baby pacifier isn't going to be big enough to keep the jaw open.

    If you're not an AB, just think of it as a legitimate medical device. Most people that use adult pacifiers are not actually ABDLs.

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    Ever tried just using a pacifier?

    It works sometimes amazingly well to stop snoring. Other times... not so much. But it is certainly worth a try and certainly enjoyable. If it works, it certainly is a justification for using one nightly.

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    Thanks peeps, not sure I could rock the pacifier look though.

    Gotta do some more soul searching.

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    Adult sized paci for me work and very good.

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    I would like to share the reasons and things that let to snoring. as Blood- oxygen level decrease, the brain awakens the individual with this snoring. The soft tissues in the back of the throat vibrate and press against other throat and resistence. The medical condition known as sleep appnea is a reason for snoring. Signs of this condition includes:
    -daytime sleepiness
    -concentrating diffuculty
    -memory issues
    - sexual dysfunction

    How nightguards work is:
    it brings the jaw forward which widens the back airway, reducing resistance which help in stopping snoring.Mouth gaurds would definitely help when it is a simple snoring.

    Simple ways to fix snoring:
    - try changing the sleep position of yours.
    - Weight could be a reason for snoring , so a diet would help in loosing weight and snoring.
    -Use of alcohol could be a reason for that.
    - hygiene sleep would be good, The surroundings arouns could be a reason that could disturb your sleep ( messy room)
    - change the pillows and bed covers that could avoid dust to ana extend.
    -Being well hydrated would help you in this situation.

    Things to be taken care while cleaning the mouthgaurd used:
    - one of the best recommemnded way to clean your mouthgaurds is with your toothbrsh and tooth paste.
    -use of mouth gaurd wouldbe a next best option that could really help you out.
    -people at times use soap and water to clean there mouthgaurds for the first time.
    -another methods is the use of mouthgaurd cleaning tablets and powders that are easily available.
    - there are dental sanitizing devices that would really help in cleaning mouthgaurd.
    - natuaral ethods like use of vinegar and lemon is another way
    - last but not the least, taking help of professional dental cleaning is well advisable.

    I would suggest you to undergo a check up with your doctor if the mouthgaurd is not working for you and there are chances of sleep apnea, that needs to be oproper care. Normally people with snoring do take help of gaurds even without doctor's prescription which is really bad.

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    Still yet to buy another mouth guard, that first one that moulds to your teeth just loosed up making it a painful piece of junk rather than helpful.

    Kayla if you know of any brands worth trying for a new mouth guard I would really appreciate any recommendations as the first night was great... Kinda painful in the morning but great otherwise.

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    My partner snores and at other times where I sleep is noisy. I wear disposable ear plugs in these situations. I don't like them, but they do work.

    Not sure how you could safely suggest it though

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    If you snore a lot on your back which is where most people snore , you can make a training device by sewing a couple of tennis balls in the back of an old t shirt , and yes as Kayla said apnea is possible and once treated many people stop snoring a sleep study can be done these days in your own bed at home instead of a lab to monitor your o2 saturation and sleep position and decide if treatment with a CPAP or BIPAP is needed many times they will tell you the tennis ball trick to which most people say I spent all this money to be told that ?WTF! .

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