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Thread: Need some advices: i would like to try 24/7 for a period of time.

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    Default Need some advices: i would like to try 24/7 for a period of time.

    Hello everybody!

    Itís some times since i think about it, and i have an opportunity to be seized: my relatives leave for almost a month and thus i will be alone at home. So i would like to experiment a 24/7 padded period. 'Finally have an opportunity and enough confidence to try it. But to do things well and without hurting myself, I would like to ask you some questions, and submit my ideas to know if they are viable.

    The essential question is about good diaper choice!

    The main one to wear at home and during night, would be the Ontex ID (medium) (Itís a brand which Iíve already tried and found comfortable).
    Those for outside (cinema, grocery, going out with friends) would be the ID, but also if needed to be more discreet, some drynight/goodnight or the Tena lady pant discreet (pullup which have a "Fresh Odour Control " system) with a plastic pant. (However I still have never try the Tena )

    Wonder if I can wear these Tena pull-up also in my working place: Itís a part-time job, generally 2 or 3 hours in a row, with breaks of several hours during the day. So i can go home and change, then go back to work for 2 or 3 other hours. (I live at 10- 15 min far from my workplace by bike).
    Tena Lady pant (+plastic pant) would be enough for these periods of work?
    I specify that I only wet and never mess, and that my work requires moderate but permanent/fast physical exercise.

    In terms of avoiding a rash ,what about the use of coconut oil (pleasant smell ,fungicidal, and nourishing for the skin) with some essential oil of lavender or tea tree what do you think about it?:

    I also wonder:

    - are plastic-pant noisy?

    -is that riding a bike with a diaper too gaudy or inconvenient for the movement? I have a seat similar to this one:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	bike seat.jpg 
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    I am conscious that I am certainly going to make newbie errors , I would like to avoid a maximum of them, and wait impatiently for your advices!
    It is a big step for me, thank you for your help! (and sorry for the language mistakes :/)

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    From experiance. Biking with a wet diaper is a bad idea. Biking with a dry diaper is still a bad idea but is ok I guess. I have a seat just like that and still have issues. Bikes are god awful on diapers. Honestly what I would do is wear plastic pants and a diaper brief to work. Inspect it to ensure its still able to make it through the 3 - 5 hours. How ever always have a extra diaper on you at all times incase of emergencys reguardless of where you go. specially if you are riding a bike. you may need to change out of your diaper once you get to work if it is to disfigured. So just keep this in mind. I honestly feel the best bet is to go tape diapers. It will give you the easiest round to change in public. Just my point of view. Good luck and never ride home or any where with a wet diaper. Even if you do. Wear plastic pants. Other wise more then likely the urine will come out of your diaper from the pressing on the diaper for long periods of time

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    I see...Thank for the warning! It's unfortunate because my bike is my main means of transport right now. But i could leaving for work a little earlier and simply walk instead of biking to avoid messing with the diaper

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    I definitely recommend something other than a store bought pull up ( none are really good , unless your main bathroom is gonna be the bathroom, these Store ones are really for very light leakage and spotting , not for full time full use wetting ) order some Abena, or Northshore or even some Tranquility ATN'S ( With these you will need to change much more frequently than an Abena or Northshore but less than a pull up).
    Going 24/7 is not something to do without proper diapers on hand that can handle it, not just absorbency but the moving around , changing positions and Lord knows if you have a fast paced job , the last thing you want is for the diaper/ pull up to breakdown and fall out a pants leg or something equally disturbing , a cheap diaper can do this very easily , get a real decent time tested people tested diaper for your foray into 24/7 even if you don't plan on using these things can self destruct embarrassingly, wear a traditional diaper that has served well the IC people and has a proven capacity to both absorb as well as stand up to movement and activity, with something proven in both categories it will be off your mind , and that is one thing a new diaper wearer IC or not needs more than anything is confidence in there protection to get on with living and not be focused on the protection, because if your focus is there others will be aswell. So order up some real diapers and enjoy the experience rather than be sweating the details , also a very small amount of lavender oil goes a long way , don't smell like a whole house, be careful, coconut oil is very good as rash preventer for those that are new but for long term nothing is much better, your skin needs to adapt and " harden" once it does rash cream is an occasional thing , I am IC and I use it randomly one day a week only to nourish the skin ( I have all different kinds and just grab one randomly , this way your skin doesn't get a tolerance to any particular brand of cream, a tolerance means if you actually get a rash it will be useless or worse allow it to spread) wearing 24/7 is an art and science all unto itself when you are IC , and it starts with skin care and hygiene 101 and you will become really good at it but never reach the Masters level , there is always something you have never encountered or planned for even after 25 years sometimes I feel like is my 2nd day, so get something battle tested and be successful .

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    I have been wearing 24/7 for just about a week now. I like cloth diapers because they are reusable and I think more comfortable than disposables. I do wear depends when my diapers are in the wash (as they are now) but will switch back to my cloth diaper tonite. I also wear an insert and plastic pants.
    I try to keep myself really clean, but now developed a mild case of diaper rash, I will start using a better barrier ointment (zinc oxide) is better than Aveeno skin cream. Another issue is that I wear my diaper until I have the opportunity to change it in private so that means I sit in a wet diaper longer than I like but that's the choice I've made to wear 24/7

    Good Luck

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    I hope you are getting a prescription for straight zinc oxide from your doctor because the OTC stuff has petroleum added as a dispersal agent ( makes it easier to spread) and that stuff is certain death to your plastic pants your urine and even wash water leeches small amounts of it into the diaper that then comes into contact with your pants and strips the plasticizers out of them causing them to become brittle and crack prematurely, this results in financial loss to you replacing pants that could have lasted many years longer.

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    if you're going to splurge, I'd suggest you shop at Rearz or ABU. But you're going to suffer major withdrawls when the folks get back after you have tasted the good stuff.

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    Hello I'm new, thought I'll chip in on this discussion.

    I've been wearing 24/7 for roughly 6 weeks. The thing is you have to know what you want because wearing 24/7 and persistently wetting your nappies at the slightest urge will make you pretty much dependent on nappies and potentially incontinent, I'm 6 weeks in and have to think about clenching my sphincter muscle to exercise it now and again because I can feel it slipping, I have this urge to pee even when there is nothing in my bladder and I can squeeze little dribbles in my nappy without clenching down. This maximisers the nappies capacity instead of flooding but again I think over time will make you incontinent.

    I have three different brand of nappies for different situations;
    Tena Flex supers for time when I need to change in difficult circumstances etc not being able to lean against a wall, they fold around the waist with a belt, they are cloth backed but quite bulky.
    Molicare Extra when I want discreteness, again cloth backed.
    Attends Regular Slip this nappy is my favorite, it's plastic backed, loud and crinkly and bulky, the wetness seeps to the back of the nappy so if you like feeling wet this is the ideal nappy for you.

    I'm unsure about nappy rash because I must have tough skin because I've never had it.

    I think if you are determined about going 24/7 but only for a little while you must be very very discreet because once it's out you're wearing nappies questions about why you're wearing will follow and you need a good excuse, etc, incontinence reasons. Do you want to define yourself as incontinent?

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    You don't really define anything with IC , it is the ultimate answer to any question anyone has an interest to ask. I have been IC for 25 years and never had anyone ask a thing about it, it's personal, it's Medical just deal with it, I don't go to extraordinary lengths to hide it but I don't advertise either, if someone did have the nerve to ask a question I would give them so much information it would make there head swim, as it should , because in reality your bathroom habits or need for protection is not open to discussion or interpretation by anyone , like I say deal with it, if your continent good for you but I am not and refuse to be an example or exhibit of any kind for anyone nor do I feel it's anyone's business be it diapers for fun and recreation or a medical problem , they are self explanatory to anyone who was ever a child and I am not going to address a deficient education and gross lack of social skills unless they want to come change me and learn that way , so there is no defining anything be IC or ABDL .

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    I wouldn't ride on a bike even without a diaper. Something to do with making certain parts of anatomy go numb.

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