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    Exclamation UGGGGGH Diaper Rash

    I have been wearing 24/7 now for a week or so. I clean myself ell at every change with soap and water I thought I just had an itch but realize I now have diaper rash, any recommendations

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    I use Bordeaux's butt paste...

    Apply linearly over the area...also after shower/cleaning get some air...

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    Sounds more like a yeast infection to me, if the rash doesn't go despite properly washing.
    Canesten cream is what you need.

    You need to give your skin a break and stop wearing as much. And don't wear at all, until it clears up completely.

    And in the future you should use barrier cream if your wearing 24/7.

    Medline remedy dimethicone barrier cream is excellent stuff when I have it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yurguardianangel View Post
    Sounds more like a yeast infection to me, if the rash doesn't go despite properly washing.
    Hard to say without any decription of the condition besides "rash", that covers a lot of possiblities. But I've never seen any immediate fix or improvement with a rash simply by washing and drying it. Maybe my skin just takes longer to recover. Rashes are typically patches of redness, whereas yeast and eccema are a single consistent color (if any out of the norm)

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    I use barrier creams on my butt and lots of baby powder everywhere else, it helps a lot. I mostly use Destin but even something as simple as petroleum jelly will work as a barrier.

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    better off using baby wipes o something similar use nappy rash cream at every change and use a reasonable amount if baby powder

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