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Thread: wearing pull-ups ( kids size) no glue or tools

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    Default wearing pull-ups ( kids size) no glue or tools

    So I figured how to wear kid size pull ups on the outside of my grown up ones.

    Materials: one pair adult-sized medical protective undies.
    2 pair Easy open sides pull ups or store brand

    1 Lay out adult undies.
    2. open tabs of the pull-ups and fold so paper velcro tabs are both facing out/down.

    3. line up top of pull up with top front of adult undies. Press down firmly to secure tabs. You want to do this bit as high as you can or the character will be very low.

    4. tear off Velcro tabs from second pair of pull ups and set aside.

    5. finish encasing the adult pair by gently pulling the pull-up up, so that it's back lines up with the back of the adult pair. Basically, you are matching crotches up.

    6 Use torn off tabs from step 4 to secure the back of the pull up to the back of the underwear.

    7Put on underwear and place the second pull up inside like a period pad.

    I will edit this with pics in the AM.

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    Cool cool I never thought of doing that. I've always tended to just put stickers on mine.

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    With my dexterity issues, the process was to hard to do and take photos but the finished product is below.

    front of finished underwear
    Click image for larger version. 

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    back of finished underwear
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I used to be able to wear these directly when I was around 16-18ish. Goodnites do just fine for me If I want the pullups feel.

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