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Thread: Been diapered all day.

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    Default Been diapered all day.

    I've pretty much have been in diapers all day, had a few unintentional wetting.

    I've gotten the confidence to pee anywhere. I'm feeling happy.

    No leaks so far.

    Feels good to be little, wanted to buy some plushies today

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    I remember that feeling, I felt little when I started and I don't feel any different now

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    I've had a few days like that. Bliss.

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    That sounds like a lot of fun. I love that feeling when you've been diapered a while and you're pretty wet and squishy, and then try to think back and can't really remember all that well when you peed. For me, it's always intentional, but it can kind of blur after the fact if your wetting isn't accompanied by standing or changing position.

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