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Thread: I bid farewell

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    Thumbs up I bid farewell

    I've probably said this before but this is definitely goodbye from me and myself. ADISC has changed so much and as much fun as it was growing up with ADISC for my 2 years here (5/14/14), I don't find it as much amusing with its staff members with changing personalities, the new users, and the latest platform changes. (im not saying the new users are bad, just a retrospect comparison to 2013-2015 users)

    When I joined in 2014, I was titled "That weird pokemon"
    2015, I was titled "fun user"
    2016 is now "disrespected or not known user"

    My time here has run its course and while now everything I post is spam (according to what I have read of my own and what was said) I think it's best that I pack my bags and say my goodbyes. The very fun users here that vanished such as SleepyTyrant, Zipperless, KuroCat, and PokeKitty has been a downfall on this site for me at least. They made me come back everyday and encourage me to be the very best up here and help as much as I could. I don't have time to be an ABDL as much as I would like to be due to full time school and full time working so i'm pretty much taking a space in this site.

    I haven't made a decision yet whether as to close my account down yet but I will make the decision when I come across it, but for now, these are my final words as I part away from ADISC. Thank you for helping me with advice, depression struggles, and exciting news I could share with you guys. If I do happen to come on one day, i'll definitely fly under the radar. I do apologize I was not the user you would expect this year that has dramatically fallen down on his ranks. Again, you guys take care and enjoy yourselves.

    (TL;DR) I am leaving adisc because it has not been the same and I am not coming back. You see me online will tell you I am flying under the radar. Love you all, goodbye.

    Snivy signing off.

    This is my last flight

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    Sorry to see you leave my little green friend.

    I hope to see you come back at some point.


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    For the past couple months I haven't seen ADISC reach it's donation goal. I myself don't post because I feel everything has run it's course for me here and with the only thing that kept me here being removed off the front page, I'm just meh. This maybe the Nyquil in me talking, but I don't see a future much longer for ADISC as a site even.

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    Sucks to see you go These sort of things kinda confuse me. I don't think I would ever make a good bye thread simply because I don't ever actually believe I would indeed quit. Always a good chance of me coming back no matter how long of a break I take. I guess it's more of a matter of just letting people know you will be gone rather than leave people wondering, in which case thank you.

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    "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated." -Mark Twain

    I do wish you luck Snivy, but I hope that some of your bad experiences and changing faces haven't gotten you too down. Sometimes we ask for things and don't get them, but that doesn't mean the people around aren't there to support you in other ways, if you ever need it.

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    I wish you the best of luck Snivy.

    I hope everything works out well for you. We are here if you ever need anything.


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    All the best for your next endeavor Snivy. I hope that part of your life would be a moment that you can remember. And you will be remembered to some.

    I had to be honest I never went to ADISC in ages. When I return I barely know anyone beside few faces. Most of my friends are gone. But that's what life is. And I wish the best for ADISC and I just hope that. I can still see ADISC in the future.

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    ADISC is a far cry from what it was alright. Many of the super supportive and light-hearted members that once inhabited this place no longer voice their opinions or have gradually disappeared, the light-hearted little feel has suffered as well (made the place fun), the nature of topic has slowly transitioned towards more serious (and sometimes graphical) fetish content, site bugs from months ago are still not fixed (broken blackened, no crop in comment box, etc). And a whole lot of other issues. I may still stick around for a little, but I have to agree when you say this isn't the same ADISC that I fell in love with. Plus my tastes have changed a lot too...

    See you around, Snivy...

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    I think Adisc is a great site without it I would 6 feet under! That site saved my life and got me out of depression quickly!

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    That is sad Snivy I know I left for a bit but I did come back. I do hope you come back soon.

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