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    I have mild cerebral palsy and use a wheelchair. I would really like something with the cute prints used in oneies but easier to get on. Anyone know where I can get 2 piece outfits? Also do they make shortfalls without the overall bit?

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    Oh gosh, I feel your pain. I wish they did have that. I have footed PJs, but they're so difficult. I also use a wheelchair, and have CP. I do know of one thing you can do. Get adult sized character T-shirts a size or 2 bigger than fits you normally, so you'll feel physically smaller, and some character sleep pants.

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    I found just a print shirt on amazon and Oneies that go over the head like a shirt then snap at the underwear zone. Those might actually be easier than 2 piece for me because shirts are easy. Pants take hrs to get right.


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