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Thread: Probably a dumb question, but curious

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    Default Probably a dumb question, but curious

    So as I mentioned in my intro post yesterday, I have known I was a dl, but only got my first pack yesterday. I wore one for a good while yesterday, but now I want to take it further and maybe wet one. I'm kinda nervous though and was hoping you guys might tell me kind of what to expect. Hopefully that will put me at ease and let me enjoy doing this. Thanks everyone

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    Sheer bliss

    Just give yourself some solid time to enjoy it, where you don't have to worry about anything.

    Have fun!

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    I understand your hesitation, but think the sensation is probably best experienced first hand. Even if you've been doing this a long time, using a different brand can cause anybody some nervousness. Will it swell up a lot? Will it leak when I sit down? Will I smell funny? You might want to read the thread How do I know when I'm about to leak for some ideas. If you're nervous, stand in the bathtub that first time and when you sit, use a towel. It's an awesome sensation and will become second nature pretty fast. And welcome to the club!

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    Oh, something I'm sure you didn't think of: flatulence while wetting. That's really unusual. Discovered it by accident, lol.

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    It'll probably take you a minute to actually wet your diaper it's hard at first because you've been trained to not pee in your pants since you were little.

    But with a little persistence it'll happen and it'll be easier
    And easier till it just flows and feels great

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    Well I'm sure you know all about how soft and cozy diapers feel by now, so listen, as you begin to wet, it gets warmer and as it absorbs, it expands just like a sponge would, so theres just this soft warm cushion that you're left with after you fully wet it and it is a very comfortable thing

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    It's a very comfortable feeling. You feel secure and protected.
    Personally, I try to act as babyish as possible when I do it, trying to act like I didn't know it was happening.

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    Just go for it...

    They are ment to be used in that manner...

    As stated above, do in shower if worried, and even use a plastic lawn chair, if worried about furniture...

    The bath and a plastic chair will never be worse for the wear!

    So, I'm ic so I don't really have a choice, but I've heard it's difficult to pee your first times, even heard that go in the bathroom and stand at toilet (or sit) and just go is easiest to start out.

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    Yeah I'm IC also so every wet one comes off and is replaced with a dry one, take it slow and let it flow, it's not a race you can pee as fast or slow as your comfortable with, the main thing is enjoy it, wetting or messing is mandatory were you do that is optional , you have selected to try a diaper, they are made specifically for that task, enjoy the sensation of putting it on , the feeling of softness that envelopes you , the feel of the tapes as you secure it , and of course the feel of using it and then the feeling of wetness where you are not used , the warmth , let yourself totally go into exploring the feelings of the diaper and it's contents .

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    just stand in the bath tub and let go that's what I do

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    Quote Originally Posted by yurguardianangel View Post
    Easiest way:

    Put diaper on and go sit on the toilet and go pee.
    That's what I do if my diaper is starting to leak.

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