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Thread: Texture, advice and escaping OCD in little space 🤔

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    Default Texture, advice and escaping OCD in little space 🤔

    Hi all. I have OCD and have had an obsession for ages that I can't shake. It sounds petty, but it takes me out of little space all the time. My obsession is this: are the adult nappies wear now, the same texture as the baby nappies we ware when we were little? Is the plastic thicker/thinner? Did plastic nappies back then vary as much in texture as adult plastic adult ones now? I also get simular obsessions about my Nuk 5 paci, and if the texture is the same as baby ones? I guess what I'm asking for is for answers to the above questions, but also advice from any of you that have any advice on how to shut out adult obsessionsize when little? Big question, but I'd love some feedback. Thank you! Xxx

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    I'd say that textures are a critical component of regression for me, as they are foundational elements to feeling. Certain textures definitely assist with regression for me. And although I don't experience the OCD factor, textures like whiskers or a hairy arm (adult things) can catapult me out of little space. All I can suggest to you is establish which textures upset you, and aim to avoid them...try and remove as many negative triggers as you can. Good luck.

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    Thanks ozbud. Do you think that modern adult nappies are the same in texture to the ones we ware as babies? It is a battle with the OCD. Try to meditate which helps, and lititle space helps (when Im not obsessing in that space!)

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    The nappies vary quite a bit. If it's super critical then you'll have to try and settle on a preferred backing. The more contact you have with it, the more you may become comfortable with it. Maybe you could try to focus on other textures which do help you while getting used to a particular nappy.

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    That's really good advice. Thank you

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    Any thoughts from anyone on which adult nappies are closest to vintage baby ones?

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    Only ones I have heard about being designed to use the same plastic are ABU Super Dry Kids version 1.

    ABU have the run out stock on eBay ATM if you look them up.

    I have to say though any current ABU product feels fabulous and from my experience amazingly reliable.

    Edit/elbaborate: from my memory the plastic on babies nappies varied immensely over the brands and years in texture, crinkle and thickness.

    Current ABDL nappies IMO have thicker plastic than both recent medical nappies and plastic backed babies nappies but that seems more functional/quality.

    I personally love the SDKv2s but maybe if you are the experimenting type you could try both the v1s and v2s to see which ones work for you?

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    Being in diapers for over 40 years!

    I'll say that Abu seems to be the best for the thicker plastic like on the original, the store brands which were around back 30 years ago...if you age on site is correct...are/were much thinner!

    Not sure about huggies as I've personally never used them, my mom was a pamper buyer and continued with papers till I was way way to big for them, and used tape for extenders...till I was in middle school then I started taking care of it myself and switched to the pharmacy brands...which took a bit to get used too...only used depends a few times back in the 6 tape days '90ish...

    I too have a big deal with feel, but I now always use a pair of briefs over diaper (helps with any fluid between layers) and my Gary nylon cover...

    The few times I've tried to sleep without (had a chux underneath me) I couldn't sleep...also even staying in a hospital bed for quite some time I couldn't get used to it and sleep well...thankfully I'm back in my normal bed (crib) and now have no neck brace as of today, although my neck is super stiff, up now getting my assistant to try to massage it a bit, see if I can get some sleep, she comes on at 5am...

    As for ocd, my gf (yes we are sorta back together for those in the know) is ocd about cleaning and organizing the kitchen/ only advise is try real hard to forget about it, or just make it impossible to do/complete the old task when your in little space...

    Ex. Wear locking pajamas and diaper cover when doing little time, so you can't check or see the obsession...if you do this enough it tends to stay out of your mind...imho

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