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    Hi guys,
    I just broke my collarbone last night at hockey tryouts and my doctor says I'm out for 2 months. Has this ever happened to anyone else (the broken collarbone) and could help me out with some ideas on what to do for physical therapy? I would like to get back on the ice ASAP :P

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    Did it a number of years ago, bike crash. I was able to get back on a recumbent bike within a day or two. Muscle recruitment for cycling and skating is reasonably close, and of course aerobic conditioning is universal. I could have used a regular stationary bike as long as I didn't go too hard or move around much. 2 months is kinda the standard time they throw out, and it was about 2 months before I was comfortable swimming laps again.

    Note: My orthopedic guy was also a fellow competitor, so he knew better than to suggest "rest". He said "let the pain be your guide". For the record, I quite taking the painkillers on day 2 partly so I could drive to work, and partly so I wouldn't be tempted to do anything stupid with the pain masked.
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    I endoed myself off my ninja when I hit my front brakes too hard, my collar bone was in 3 pieces and my shoulder was pushed halfway down my ribcage. I pushed it back into place myself and still have some slight paralysis/numbness on my skin. Not much can be done for collar bones, much like a broken toe; they heal how they heal. Once it starts to fuse back together you can gently stretch and flex to keep your range of mobility. When it fully heals the bone itself will be stronger than it was before but it may heal a bit crooked. For now just keep it immobile and don't bump into anything and rebreak it, let it knit.

    Oh and eat/drink high calcium foods, milk cheese etc.

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    Not sure if it's related but I sublaxed my shoulder many many times.
    TWICE as bad as a dislocation with extreme sickening pain but luckily went back in on it's own, and didn't require reduction.
    As my right shoulder is unfortunally got multidirectional instability.
    Could be related as I fractured my collar bone and shoulder blade when it happened.

    I wore a special sling for first few weeks and took strong painkillers and iced it.
    Then bought a special shoulder brace to stop my arm moving in certain positions.
    Behind my back or over my head are the WORST positions and the shoulder can clunk out of it's socket in those positions.
    Now 5 months later it's much weaker than my left shoulder and can't lift anything too heavy with my right arm. But no inflammation anymore. Some mild aching and stiffness in the joint if I make certain movements though.

    And I'm seeing a physotherapist for excersises, but hasn't done that big of an improvement yet....

    Oh and stay away from sports UNTIL it's healed.

    The brace I use:
    EVS SB03: really supports the shoulder,collar bone,shoulder blades and upper arm. And was about 45.
    And has X strap to restrict movement.

    I don't wear it much snymore, just if I have to lift heavy things or outstretch my arm or hold it up to do things,

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