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Thread: Anyone alse ever re-use wet diapers?

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    Question Anyone alse ever re-use wet diapers?

    A friend of mine suddendly turned up unnounced at my front door.

    Had to take my plastic tena slip maxi and really nice soggy drynites off .
    And make sure my tracksuit bottoms didnt smell(changed into fresh pair of tracksuit bottom just in case)
    Before I let him in.

    Wasn't finished wearing them and don't mind my used wet diapers at all.
    And to be honest absoletely hate taking off my diaper/s when not finished with them.
    So will put them back on later!!! :P

    Anyone alse do this?

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    Sometimes my diaper will only be a little wet when I have to leave for work. When I get home I will put it back on for a #1&2 before I take a shower so I get max usage from each diaper. Damn things are expensive, wish they grew on trees.

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    On the rare occasion my diaper is dry or only slightly wet in the morning I save it for the following night.

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    Absolutely not! Once it's used and off, it stays off. I don't want to risk infection...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Note View Post
    Absolutely not! Once it's used and off, it stays off. I don't want to risk infection...
    Maybe a rash, but infection I really doubt,lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yurguardianangel View Post
    Maybe a rash, but infection I really doubt,lol.
    for females especially this is a serious issue.

    it IS possible for males to get a UTI (urinary tract infection) as well, wearing used nappies that have been exposed to the air for a period of hours increases this risk.

    the used nappy turns into a breeding paradise for that bacteria.

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    I sometimes do this, but I would never ever reuse a wet diaper more than once, I double diaper a lot and I'll say 97% of the times, the diaper that was used to double isn't wet so I can reuse it multiple times, often up to 10 times, saves a lot of money for me and since its not wet, I don't feel like its anything bad.

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    I hope nobody finds this gross, but if I mess a nearly dry diaper and can easily clean it, I will definitely reuse it. At least if I'm home. I don't leave a wet diaper laying around for hours to reuse later.

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    Yeah, if I only make a tiny little puddle I figure there's no reason to throw it out yet.

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    I have re-worn a used diaper many a time and never had an issue. After reading more about it, I don't do it as much, more from a psychological view of what might or could happen. I try to time things out so I would not need to take it off, but if it was for less than two hours off, I really have no problem putting it back on. I have even microwaved them to get the temp back up. Some have said here this is bad, but it feels real nice to put a warm diaper back on then a cold one and I believe some of that bacteria might not survive the aftermath of being nuked.

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