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Thread: Just realised I never introduced myself when I joined, so hey :P

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    Default Just realised I never introduced myself when I joined, so hey :P

    I'm a 32 year old shy,sensitive guy from the UK who has aspergers syndrome,social anxiety,depression and many other things but also ABDL.
    I also love girly things but not sure if I'm a sissy as not into crossdressing as such.
    Also I'm pansexual(meaning into every gender including ts and transgenders)

    Although I identify myself as a DL and a little/middle/big(depending on my mindset and mood) so I guess that's ageplay.
    However NOT into AB side of things such as pacificers and baby toys.

    Diapers are BOTH a comfort,comfortable to wear,as well as being a turn on.
    But when in littlespace I'm not always sexual.
    Also stress reliever to help me relax.

    Normal side of me:
    HUGE gamer on ps4,ps3, and very occassionally ps2.

    Also really into MUSIC:
    Screamo,emo,deathcore,death metal,black metal,heavy metal,dnb,dubstep,hardtek,acid tekno,breakbeats,reggae,dub,j-pop,k-pop and many more.

    Also love other things like horror films(especially anything zombie related),police/fire/ambulance related programmes and fascination.
    Trains(old types mostly like emu slamdoors,thumpers)
    And many more....

    I don't really follow any label as such as my style is whatever I want to wear,lol.

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    Hello yurgaurdianangle and welcome to the group.


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    Hi and welcome to the site. I'm big into horror/scary movies. I have several scary stories on this site, and a haunted house novel out on Kindle.

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