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Thread: Drynites with boosters

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    Question Drynites with boosters

    I really love wearing drynites, but on their own they aint absorbent enough for flooding them.
    More bulk and absorbency with say pinholed pampers size 6 in them.

    But would an actual booster like abri let maxi or tena comfort maxi be better?
    Although tena comfort maxi are like adult diapers basically minus the tape wings.

    The tight snug fit,and how squishy gelly drynites go when peed are my two favourites about them.
    And that I used to wear the plain white drynites for bedwetting until my mid teens probably has something to do with it.

    Although I love adult diapers too, I also really love drynites.

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    Grab some GoodNites true-fit booster pads, they work really well inside a GoodNites, in fact they work really well in all kind of diapers, they are just a booster pad so they do their job really well.

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