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Thread: Fraudulent sellers and buyers on ebay

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    Question Fraudulent sellers and buyers on ebay

    I spent 15 on diapers on ebay on 28th aug 2016.

    The item never arrived, so I opened a dispute a few days ago.

    Seller has been giving me extremely rude messages since I opened it.
    Then today gave a false/incorrect tracking number and just now to my horror, the case is closed in the scumbag asshole seller's favour.
    Tracking number on DHL website shows delivery at someone alses house miles away.And doesn't even has some alses name and address on it.

    Don't ebay check tracking numbers to see if they are valid to the ebay buyer?
    Or is it checked by some stupid bot.

    Absoletely angry now and pissed right off.
    So basically been robbed of 15, been lied to by getting a false/incorrect tracking number.

    Not high enough money lost to take it to a small claims court.

    But do you think the police and my natwest visa fraud team will be able to help?
    As paid through my debit card to paypal when I made the purchase in the first place.

    I think I'm closing my ebay after I bought has arrived.

    Been scammed before and lost 500 and 50 due to fraudulent buyers.
    But never lost money from a fraudulent seller, until now.....

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    That's terrifying to hear and also one of the reasons I don't like using ebay.
    Was scammed back in 2008 when I spent $90 on an entire DVD collection that turned out to all be burned on cheap discs and not even in english but could never get my money back.

    I would try the visa fraud team personally.

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    I've never been scammed myself on ebay.

    But I've once had my account completely suspended due to them thinking I was a fraudulent seller.

    Tried selling an old processor I had, mysteriously my account was suspended, couldn't buy or couldn't sell.

    Selling a used processor worth $50 for $20 somehow triggered it. which was odd. so I had to create another.

    (I could always get that account back, but I gotta ring a number, and don't have credit, and I can't be bothered explaining why I would be selling a used processor.)

    Oh, I have been contacted by a Nigerian scammer before on craigslist before. I just ignore them.

    Scammers ruin it for everyone.

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    if you paid with paypal contact them. give them the info im sure they will take care of you. i bought some times out of china big mistake after a month still no product and many email saying it "oh will be shipped by the end of the week". i filed a claim with paypal it took 2 weeks but i got all my money back. if you used any CC you can do the same thing they take fraud seriously.

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    This seems pretty common now because of ebay changing their policies. Now buyers can scam sellers.

    I once lost $10 from someone because she shipped me a busted game and wouldn't respond to my emails and I opened the case on paypal and it was my own poor way of handling it is what got me to lose that money. I should have taken it to paypal for one, and I also should have said on there I needed her to give me her address because I can't read it. My husband was scammed out of $322 one time and he only got part of it back due to buyer protection but the seller still got all her money. My husband was smart to not close the claim when the seller contacted him saying she will ship the item without games because the winning bid was too low. My husband told her she is going to have to tell him that through paypal and he never heard of her again but he kept the case open. Why they were doing it? They were having a baby coming so they were scamming people for money with a PS3.

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    NatWest have a dedicated debit card disputes team, but they are very much hit and miss - 0800 161 5166

    Sometimes they will dispute the payment and give your money back. Other times they will tell you they won't touch it and its between you and PayPal. I've been given both responses by them before when getting scammed by ebayers.

    It depends what 15 means to you. If it was me, I wouldn't bother with the stress, write off the lost money and learn a lesson when it comes to eBay. I personally don't sell on there anymore, nor do I buy from personal sellers. I will only touch the large businesses selling on there who have thousands/millions of past sales and 99.5%+ positive feedback. Its just too risky for me given how many times I have been victim on there.

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    Why I never use private sellers for almost anything unless it's in person.

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    I was scammed the only time I ever sold anything on ebay. luckily it was only $10 or so.

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