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Thread: Looking to get involved the community

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    Default Looking to get involved the community

    So I think I'm past worst of the shame. I don't want to go back. I got a very small supply of baby things too. I'm picking up my first abdl diapers I'm keeping my stash small and am going to let myself indulge once a week. To stop the binge purge.

    I'm thinking about going to my first munch. I believe that will help my self acceptance. I've never done this before I don't really know how to go about this.

    How do you find munches anyhow? I'm living in the Riviera so there are language issues to boot.

    fetlife creeps me out

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    While fetlife might creep you out, it is still generally the easiest way to find things like munches.

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    I had very bad luck on fetlife too.

    Had like 70 year old creepy guys saying really suggestive stuff to me,fakes,people giving me horrible messages.
    And people saying blocking me because they thought me peeing diapers was disgusting... Oh really narrow minded judgemental scum on a fetish site is strange...

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    Fetlife is a really really nice resource, if you can get past the unfortunate messages that come along with it, I cannot think of a better organizing events site that includes abdl/little events.

    Its worth it, if your goal is to meet people in person. that said, there is refuse to wade through to get what you want out of the site.

    but make sure your not planning on being in too little of a mood when you go on there. there is a LOT of adult content.

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    fetlife is going to be the place you going to find a munch that is near you.

    I would then message the organiser to make sure it ok for me to go. Becouse if I going to be spanked then the big that is go and what is happening at the meet. Sometimes it not a goer.

    You could also try out little shoots.

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    what are little shoots?

    I just tried fetlife again. I don't get the interface. I guess if its the only way.

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    yes what are little shoots??

    if you need a hand navigating Flife, I can try and give you some pointers Muffees, send me a PM or if you have steam on your computer add me there

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    The link for Little Scouts.

    I know I am only 4years old, but Google searching has been about for a while now. Honest.

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    oh scouts I get it. Thats a cute idea.

    I could do that, but a bit hard to get to from europe. I saw London has some for once in a blue moon.

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