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Thread: How I dealt with being caught (twice).

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    Default How I dealt with being caught (twice).

    Hello all, I recieved my crinkle crate today and I thought I'd share an interesting perspective, because I discovered as I got home, that my brother had mistakenly opened it, thinking it was a package he was expecting.

    Before we jump into my reaction to that, I'll say: This is the second time someone else has opened up my ABDL related mail - the last time was my mother, and it went over a bit worse, but not as bad as it could have.

    So, I get woken up one day by my mother, asking me what the deal was with [diapers]. I was pretty much in shock, and I tried to pretend I didn't just hear that, that I was still asleep. She asked again. I turned over, and knowing no way to explain myself since I had only been awake for 15 seconds, I just grumbled not to worry about it. She left in a huff, and I knew that when I left my room I'd have some explaining to do. I got up, got dressed, and went out to sit down with her. I assured her there wasn't anything wrong with me, that I wasn't hurting anyone, and that I was happy. She didn't want to know more. So I left it at that, and we didn't talk about it after that.

    Aaaaand then there was today. I come home to a package on my chair in my room, and it had been re-taped shut. I go out to my mom to joke that it was a smooth move, assuming she had goofed again and wanted to be a little lighthearted about it. Nope. She said my brother opened it this time, and I should probably talk to him about it. But, I'm really not too worried about it. I'm pretty distant from my brother, in age and in emotion. I don't really care about his opinion. There's no influence he has on my life, and as embarassing as something like this coming out is, this doesn't really change a thing between the two of us as far as I am concerned. So, I've decided to just leave it alone.

    Hopefully now the people that live in this darn house know to read the labels on packages before opening them.

    So, what do you guys think? How would you have reacted?

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    The reaction to your mom seems pretty good other than grumpy waking up (though seriously, who wakes someone up to have that kind of conversation?!). I'd probably have a word with your brother to just kind of figure out where he stands and let him know you're okay. Even if it's kind of a distant relationship, it's still family and if I were in that situation and didn't know about ABDL, the first thing I'd do is think that my family member was sick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperRaiUniverse View Post
    I assured her there wasn't anything wrong with me, that I wasn't hurting anyone, and that I was happy. She didn't want to know more. So I left it at that, and we didn't talk about it after that.
    You did the right thing. You put her mind at ease and didn't get into too much detail. You're fortunate because it sounds like your mother trusts you and respects your privacy.

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    I would sit your younger brother down for a little chat and to get his "opinion" (for a lack of a better word) as to what his thoughts are on said package.

    As far as the conversation with your mom you handled it quit well and seems like she is of open mind and supportive. After all there a lot worse things to be addicted to that are very harmful to the body than wearing diapers . Hopefully you family will read shipping labels better before opening any more packages.

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    I think you handled it as well as possible. I agree with ArchieRoni that you probably ought to say something brief and simple to your brother, but if you don't, it's not the end of the world.

    When my mom discovered my diapers, I was home for the weekend, pretty much having a psychotic break. When I went back to college, she searched my room, probably looking for drugs. What she found were diapers and gay porn. Getting that phone call at college was a nightmare. She sent me to a psychiatrist at a residential mental facility outside of Princeton, though I only visited with the shrink. So yeah, I think you did well by defending yourself, something which I didn't do. I guess I knew I was emotionally and mentally collapsing.

    When I wrote my novel several years ago, I included a chapter called, "Being Pushed" and that's how I felt way back at that time. I was simply being pushed through life by all the horrible events in my life, and I had no energy to push back, so good for you for standing up to your mom and not caring what your brother thinks!

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