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Thread: Awkward moment when I keep forgetting my age.

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    Default Awkward moment when I keep forgetting my age.

    I'm 19, but I keep having these awkward moments where I put down 18 on forms, and than realize later on, oh crap I'm 19. or say I'm 18 when I'm actually 19 without thinking. It's happened a few occasions, than I realize and fix it up.

    I do it quite often without realizing it, I don't feel any older, personally I don't feel any different from when I was 16.

    I feel more mature, but not older. (I wouldn't call myself mature though, as I wear nappies)

    I think we are all kids deep down.

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    I have always done that.

    I just say I do not lie about my age, I just forget it and don't do the math right!

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    Ya I have to think about it for a second when people ask sometimes. When I turned 21, I stopped keeping track of my age because the only thing Im not old enough to do is run for president(35YO) lol.

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    The other day I couldn't remember my age either. Just a few days ago, I had to ask someone. When you get in to your thirties, you start not thinking about it really, then someone asks you, and you have to think lol.

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    I think we all do this, especially once we get past the school years. When you're in school, you get constantly reminded what grade you're in, even in college where they have different stuff for freshmen, sophomores and so forth, but once you're past that, it doesn't come up much and it's easy to forget. Especially right after birthdays, and I also do this getting the year wrong for most of January when I date stuff.

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    I feel 4 so yeah I forget how old my body is too. Most of the time I just say 30 something. If people need more accurate numbers than that, I get a

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    Haha, I don't think I was ever wrong, but it took me too long for comfort to come up with the answer some times.

    It's weird. In your teens you know exactly how old you are and after that people expect you to know how old you are, but it's just not that distinctive anymore.

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    Happens all the time to me. Too much in fact. There are even times where I am questioning how old I am and have to pull out the maths XD.

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    When you get to my age, you WANT to forget your age. Besides, I have to remember how many years it is before the common era. It's so damn confusing!

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    How are you supposed to keep track? It changes every year!


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